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  • From now Firefox works only with signed add-ons.
    Please sign your add-on.

    PS temporary solution from Firefox docs
    about:config xpinstall.signatures.required = false
  • It worked really well until the fateful day where all my sessions went missing, and I can't even use it anymore. I can't export my sessions either.
  • Works great but does NOT Support Multi-Account Container. Every time session is restored, you'll have to reopen the tabs in the desired Container which is really annoying. Otherwise, it's a great must-have add-on.
  • It is a great add-on. But if you also use containers and you will restore a session all tabs are moved to the default container. I had 15 containers and aprox. 350 tabs. It takes hours to move each tab back to the container (I did not found a add-on for "mass-moving" tabs to containers). If you do not use containers: It is the right add-on for tab session. For containers + sessions search for 'session boss'.
  • The best currently for Quantum.
  • Thank You So Much Dear "Sienori" , For This Brilliant addon , Excellent addon
  • excellent, the best session manager at the moment. if i may, i'd like to point out a little problem regarding favicons and (i think) "auto tab discard" extension: when TSM saves a session with some "discarded tabs" by that extension, the modified favicon disappear when reopening the session.
  • Works great but the only issue I have is when i restore a session sometimes it will also restore my bookmarks and open them up in tabs so a session that was like 5 tabs when I restored it suddenly has over 100 tabs.
  • This is a must-have, life-saving add-on! Ever since TabMix Plus stopped working, I was looking for an add-on that would ensure that my tabs are restored when Firefox has a bad crash and can't restore itself.
    But this add-on does so much more. It allows you to store your session manually or automatically. So whenever you notice that you are missing a tab (web page) from a few weeks ago, chances are good that you can find a backup.
  • Phenomenal!! Essential for my productivity. Cannot recommend highly enough
  • Does Tab Session Manager supports Simple Tab Groups? What should I do if FF suddenly crashes? Will Tab Session Manager restore all my tabs AND GROUPS?