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  • GooD App ;-))
  • It would be great if this add-on could restore the page position like the built-in Firefox session restore does.

    When restoring my session using Firefox, the page is exactly where I left off, meaning I don't have to scroll.

    When I restore my session with this add-on, my tabs are all at the top of the page, and I have to scroll to where I was last at.
  • Fantastic app, please could extend the search functionality from session name to session content and ideally an add on for the mobile app
  • Gracias a vuestra última actualización he perdido las sesiones guardadas anteriores...
  • Finally! 2 side session manager.
  • It's great that it can import .sessions, and export backups. But would be better if it could automatically save sessions as accessible .session files, for easy reuse after a reinstall, rather than manually exporting as combined or individual .json files. This limitation might be a result of modern FF security, but it severely limits a users ability to recover browser sessions after a system crash, or on other systems via cloud storage.
  • Very useful addon, saves me tons of RAM and keeps me away from worrying about losing any tab after restart / accidental close of a browser window.
  • This add-on is working great so far, I transitioned from session buddy on chrome to this and its virtually seamless. One strange thing I found that I believe to be a bug is the fact that when adding tags to sessions the word "regular" simply fails to be added as a tag, but "Regular" works just fine add is added correctly.
  • it's the best session manager so far.
  • It saves the sessions alright; but if you try to restore an entire session, it will only open a new window on homepage and that's it.

    Have tried:
    -reinstalling the addon
    -checking for updates everywhere
    -restart firefox without addons
    -reinstall firefox
    -wipe all the firefox data from the Local and Roaming AppData folders (making firefox run as first time on device, ever)

    It can restore individual items from a session just fine.

    edit: installed older version (4.5.2) and it works as intended
  • For some reason this extension never highlights the most recently autosaved session. I always have to scroll up to the the very top of the list to restore the last session.
  • i use the addon almost every day because i save all my open windows and tabs manually. I like that I can easily open individual tabs from the saved sessions without having to restore the whole session.
    Keep up the good work.
  • Not perfect but still the best out there!