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  • An excellent tool. So useful across so many situations. One of the best is the ability to have my password manager available full time in the sidebar while updating logins. Or simply, anytime I want to keep an important site open and visible while doing other things. Should be a standard feature.
  • Great tool but still need enhancement. Hope that a refresh, back and next page item will be added to the right-click context menu when click on side view.
  • It is great to see this option available after Firefox got rid of their sidebar option when they released a previous update. No idea why they got rid of the old sidebar as it was better than this sideview. With sideview You have to remember to right click the bookmark and then press open in sidebar. With the older Firefox sidebar you just pressed the bookmark and it would open in the sidebar. Its just a small thing really but when you are used to that workflow it takes a while to get into this new way of working.

    All sideview needs is a checkbox option to state that when this bookmark is pressed it will always open the bookmark in the sidebar.
  • Useful but I can't expand it to more than about 25% of my Mac Powerbook screen. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.
  • Can't open the second page any more than approximately 30% of the window. Useless.

    WHY is this functionality so freakin' hard to implement!?!?
  • Cool feature that helps me do my job. I can keep my equipment monitoring screen up with my ticket que on one "page".

    I would like to see the ability to have an auto refresh and have both views be equal width (50:50).
  • I can't get BBC iPlayer to play in side view :-(
  • Just perfect
  • Just cannot use a browser without this. Amazing.
  • Ausbaufähig. Die Ansicht einer Seite als Sidebar ist zwar nett, nur leider werden automatische Reloads/Aktualisierungen nicht übernommen, und ein F5 funktioniert auch nicht.
  • It's a fantastic tool, please improve it! For example loading bookmarks directly in side view or a bar on the left with bookmarks (icons) to open directly in side view.
  • It is convenient to be able to open another browser at the same time in one window, but I want you to be able to enlarge the frame size further and return to the previous page. It will be okay if it improves even it. (I'm using a translation machine)