100 reviews
  • I can't get BBC iPlayer to play in side view :-(
  • Just perfect
  • Just cannot use a browser without this. Amazing.
  • Ausbaufähig. Die Ansicht einer Seite als Sidebar ist zwar nett, nur leider werden automatische Reloads/Aktualisierungen nicht übernommen, und ein F5 funktioniert auch nicht.
  • It's a fantastic tool, please improve it! For example loading bookmarks directly in side view or a bar on the left with bookmarks (icons) to open directly in side view.
  • It is convenient to be able to open another browser at the same time in one window, but I want you to be able to enlarge the frame size further and return to the previous page. It will be okay if it improves even it. (I'm using a translation machine)
  • it looks promising, but the way it works now it looks like the poor man's version of Vivaldi Panels
  • I had high hopes for this but in its current state, I rarely use it. Firefox needs a split screen mode like Vivaldi, where any tab can be split into 2/3/4 screens. Let's start with 2 for now but allow us to remain in our session and not log us out. Let the page not reload just for opening it in a split view.

    Allow us to split screen an .html file (that I open from my Desktop) with a on-the-Internet tab.

    I really want a real split screen add-on, one that also would let us resize to our heart's content and not be limited as we are now.
  • nice... work by mozilla team...