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  • В Side View не работает масштаб. Окно открывается со 100% масштабом. Часто бывает это не удобно. Если я хочу открыть кино или чат, то область просмотра больше, чем есть места в Side View.
    Scale does not work in Side View. The window opens with a 100% scale. Often it is not convenient. If I want to open a movie or chat, then the viewing area is larger than there is space in Side View.
  • Side View significantly expands creative possibilities on the web. People can be watching TED talks while concurrently browsing thru related materials -- which could be described as multitasked learning (or "multimodal learning.") This is similar to when people watch television while surfing the web on a tablet or laptop. Such experiences make best use of human attention and best use of time. Side View on a 1440p (or larger) monitor literally expands the canvas of ways we can communicate ideas with each other. I applaud Mozilla for inventing Side View and am hoping it will soon exit the add-on stage and be folder into the central Firefox code. Naturally, someone needs to be holding a contest for the most interesting uses of Side View...
  • Muy útil.
  • In my view, this is the perfect extension for Live Blogs and Twitch Streams, and maybe chat rooms. Anything which you want to be monitoring in the background without requiring it to be focused the whole time.
  • Great. I use it often to watch who's online at a forum whilst doing other things.
  • Easy and simple. Might come in handy in some particular situations
  • its very good and i like it, but have issue with 4k display where the side bar gets very small on sides.