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  • it looks promising, but the way it works now it looks like the poor man's version of Vivaldi Panels
  • I had high hopes for this but in its current state, I rarely use it. Firefox needs a split screen mode like Vivaldi, where any tab can be split into 2/3/4 screens. Let's start with 2 for now but allow us to remain in our session and not log us out. Let the page not reload just for opening it in a split view.

    Allow us to split screen an .html file (that I open from my Desktop) with a on-the-Internet tab.

    I really want a real split screen add-on, one that also would let us resize to our heart's content and not be limited as we are now.
  • nice... work by mozilla team...
  • There's a lot to like about this and it's pretty cool, but a few things would make it significantly more useful.

    (1) Right now the back/forward buttons on your mouse can't work "inside" the sidebar, so quick navigation without hunting for links is difficult. (2) There doesn't appear to be any way of clicking links in the sidebar and having them open in the main window, like Open Link in Current Tab or something. (3) It doesn't respect default page zoom settings, which means on a 4K monitor the text can be really tiny. It does allow you to zoom within the sidebar, but it won't remember it if you close it and open again. (4) Lastly, and this is a big one, you can't drag it out to make it any wider than the default, so at least on high resolution monitors, it's a just a thin little box on the side. Imagine if you could drag it out to the 50% mark and easily navigate within it -- you could essentially have dual pane tabs! Which would be amazing, and huge for all sorts of workflows.

    Anyway, just to be clear, I do like this addon quite a bit, but with some small tweaking it could be so much more!
  • Je l'utilise avec mes marque-pages =)
  • How can I reload the side view without going to the main tab to reload. Seems a bit pointless having to do that.
  • It really is very useful! Thank you!
  • I like it. However I do not know how to make it to keep its content same from the previous session. Say I have a page visited and added to Side View; then I closed browser. Next time Side View is empty. Why it does not restore the page automatically?
  • I find the Side View feature very useful - it allows me to keep down on the number of tabs, while allowing multiple window experience that is more streamlined then opening multiple windows. For a single monitor user it's a must-have add-on!