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  • One of my favourite add-ons for years now.

    Custom colours no longer work properly for me and it doesn't intergrate very well with FF's native downloader (e.g. clear download history in one doesn't clear download history in the other), but it's still a great browser addition.
  • tried using this download manager, 1st it tried to change the name of the download, and 2nd it doesn`t do multi downloads even thou the description says it does.
  • Sehr praktisch wenn man ganz schnell ein paar mediadaten braucht.
  • excellent add-on, must have
    one thing you just have to fix:
    some times it behave unusually
  • very good
  • Nice but unfortunately, to announce the end of download it is impossible to choose a sound other than the default one. The intended button is inactive.
  • Excellent addon!
    But I faced one issue - addon does keep a download history till the next restart only.
    In the "Settings" I checked "Keep a download history" option and unchecked "Ttrim the download history to..." but still the same - after restart previous history is blank :(
    PS. Firefox 67.0.4 (64-bit), Win 10 1803build