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  • good
  • zdorovo
  • Sokat Segít nekem, mert nem kell rajta tartanom a kurzort, a Firefox Letöltés ikonján. Mást is csinálhatok letöltés közben! (Nem is értem mért nincs benne alapból! Sokkal jobb lenne, ha ezzel telepítődne fel!)
  • very good in actual fact!
  • Самое лучшее! Ждал обнову под долбанный FF
  • Cool! A true download manager under WebExtention for Firefox at last! Thanks a lot!

    Круто! Наконец-то настоящая качалка под WebExtention для Лисы! Спасибо огромное!
  • The addon is amazing :-). When I will can minimise to "Tray" and close FF I will give 7*.
  • THANK YOU for bringing this very much beloved download manager back to life !!! I was actually holding on to an old version of FF portable just so that I could use the original version of "Download Statusbar ". I absolutely hate the internal FF download info. Opps on a side note the statusbar just disappeared during a dl. I like that the icon on address bar shows a VERY active dl. While the internal FF barely shows anything. I can't tell if it's doing anything while your extension let's me know that a dl is still active.
  • Es lassen sich URL einfach einfügen
  • doesn't do anything here in firefox 65?

    firefox uses the same internal (crappy) manager as before.
    no context menu also, the whole thing is invisible, except for the toolbar button.

    /edit: ok, does work on SOME sites.
  • Вот и я о том же!
    Александр, что произошло с любимым переводчиком?
    Без него как без рук. А достойной замены и близко не видно. (((
    Есть надежда?

    Благодарю, Мастер. ))
    зайдите на форум переводчика