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  • Völl Super
  • This is an amazing add-on which I have used for many years. The only problem I have is since upgrading to FF 66. I can no longer continue to download files after closing FF. Am I missing an option that allows this to happen? Or has that much-needed feature been removed?
  • Big file I use IDM,others I use this.
  • Please follow the good development practices, be transparent and I'll use your excellent module again. Thanks!
  • unfortunately, Firefox automatically disabled it this morning and it is impossible to download it again: "Download failed. Please check your connection"
  • A very good download manager. Gives a bar to watch downloads. A key feature Firefox lacks, because the faster browser would rathre you waste time goign through several steps to open up a new page to view downlaods.
  • Corrupt compressed files, making them inaccessible.
  • ОК