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  • tried using this download manager, 1st it tried to change the name of the download, and 2nd it doesn`t do multi downloads even thou the description says it does.
  • Sehr praktisch wenn man ganz schnell ein paar mediadaten braucht.
  • excellent add-on, must have
    one thing you just have to fix:
    some times it behave unusually
  • very good
  • Nice but unfortunately, to announce the end of download it is impossible to choose a sound other than the default one. The intended button is inactive.
  • Excellent addon!
    But I faced one issue - addon does keep a download history till the next restart only.
    In the "Settings" I checked "Keep a download history" option and unchecked "Ttrim the download history to..." but still the same - after restart previous history is blank :(
    PS. Firefox 67.0.4 (64-bit), Win 10 1803build
  • -Sometimes must go back and forth tabs to show that the download is finished.
    -No more image preview.

    Please fix this.
  • no more image preview :(