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  • A very good download manager. Gives a bar to watch downloads. A key feature Firefox lacks, because the faster browser would rathre you waste time goign through several steps to open up a new page to view downlaods.
  • Corrupt compressed files, making them inaccessible.
  • ОК
  • Does not show context menu on Firefox Quantum Developer Edition 67.0b10 (64-bit) on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04
  • I cannot find an automatic shutdown function. It was in previous version.
  • i totally love the mozilla.org extension
  • Con la actualización de Firefox Download StatusBar dejó de funcionar, esta alternativa funciona igual de bien.
  • very nice and usable addon, just one minor problem: if you open a download from the status bar by double clicking, first the extension is questioning if you really wanna open and then windows again... if there is any fix for that, go for it... :-)
  • The function was good, but I deleted it because of a bug that halves the page in half.
  • 楼主你好,你的这个扩展已经是量子火狐64版能用的最好的下载管理扩展了,谢谢你的作品。有两个问题反馈一下:1、在双击打开文件的时候,能不能直接打开,不要再弹出那个对话框了,这样会更简洁高效;2、文件的预览窗口太大了,能不改小一点,里面显示的内容可以选择,有需要的可以选择。再次感谢你的作品!!!
  • An sich ist der Downloadmanager super, so wie alles, was Oleksandr macht. Nur eine Sache nervt. Wenn man eine Datei aus der Statusleiste öffnen möchte kommt immer die Nachfrage, ob man das wirklich möchte. Natürlich möchte ich das, sonst hätte ich die Datei ja nicht doppelgeklickt. Leider läßt sich diese Nachfrage nicht abschalten.
    Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Firefox
  • Hello,
    I've been using your Download Manager (S3) app for a long time, and I enjoyed it very much. The moment I needed to upgrade my Mozilla and then I had to upgrade your plugin too. Since then, problems have begun.
    1st skipping between multiple windows and dsb hiding on some of the windows without a logical explanation.
    2nd would be good to have an option not to ask me if I want to open a file.
    If there's a choice of where to upload the previous version, I'm glad to do it because it worked great!
  • This does nothing. It just shows what the regular downloader is doing. And if the regular downloader fails, as it often does, so does this downloader. I wouldn't be looking for a download manager if i was happy with the default firefox downloading. Worst of all, it wants permission to spy on everything you do with your computer. I'd have allowed it if it worked but it improves nothing.
  • Please. It does not show all the history, just the recent downloads!
  • You cannot play a sound if a download was aborted.
    Automatic resumption of downloads is unfortunately missing.
    I often deal with aborts at cdn-hw.gog.com.


    Man kann keinen Klang abspielen lassen, wenn ein Download abgebrochen wurde.
    Automatische Wiederaufnahme von Downloads fehlt leider.
    Habe bei cdn-hw.gog.com öfters mit Abbrüchen zu tun.