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  • einfach und ideal um downloads zu handeln und zu verfolgen. dave
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  • Nema prevod na Srpski ?!
  • После окончания загрузки дополнение перестало давать звуковой сигнал.
    В настройках подача сигнала активизирована.
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  • Nice Add-on, really neat download manager. Thanks.
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  • This download manager is great I always use it.
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  • Очень удобно и в то же время минималистично!
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  • How do I disable the popup that shows "click here to run this file"? That's very annoying, and it is enabled by default. Why would anyone want that? That's not a standard firefox message, so why add clutter to clutter?

    You say that it's not possible to disable it. Would it be possible to contact mozilla to force a modification?

    Another thing. The statusbar, when on the bottom, covers important elements of many sites, for example gmail. Why is the option to reduce the maximum height of the status bar disabled? All the other options work, that is the only greyed one.
    Without this window in Firefox will not run the file