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  • Instead of opening something when selecting launch, a whole other window opens to launch the file. Whats with the need for the extra step and window.
    sorry, but these are the features of Firefox
  • Can I use the URL as the filename?
    for example:
    Download url: https://collections.mfa.org/internal/media/dispatcher/1143153/resize%3Aformat%3Dfull#MFA.2008.665
    Download filename: https:__collections.mfa.org_internal_media_dispatcher_1143153_resize%3Aformat%3Dfull#MFA.2008.665
  • 1.need sound while failed
    2.notification tips should be clickedable.to open file or floder
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Супер дополнение, спасибо!
    На последних dev и nightly не работает, в лучшем случае иногда до первой перезагрузки браузера. На стабильной ветке Firefox работает как надо. Поправьте пожалуйста, если возможно.

    Спасибо за указание причины. Главное чтобы этот баг был хотя бы вне стабильной ветки Firefox.
  • Hi,
    I give only 4 stars because, at the moment, it is not possible to dispose the download bar on the left or the right side of the browser.
    This is a setting that should be in the settings.
    "Please make it so"
    Thank you
  • This extension was fine until Firefox version 70.0 where it soesn't show the download progress bar.
    Previously I would have given 4 or 5 stars but to me the bug which prevents the download bar appearing makes it no more useful than the built in download manager. I really hope a fix comes soon.


    Now installed Firefox version 70.0 RC2 and DM (S3) is now working correctly again. Now worth 5 stars again.
  • Doesn't work with baidu
  • very poor user experience. It doesn't do what you would expect