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  • Thank goodness it's back - thank you for remaking Download Manager. So light, so effective
  • Why all times that i quit from firefox then my chronology is deleted? I've choosen to do not delete my chronology if I quit from Firefox. It's a bug, please fix it
    does not display history from past sessions:
  • Es muy amigable
  • Cant launch anything from status bar
  • Muito bom pra visualizar e controlar os arquivos baixados. Pena que clicando com mouse direito aparece o menu dele de do navegador juntos.
  • I am impressed. At first, I thought it is just a status bar, but it is a full package.

    Still, the way it writes date and time irks me. (I understand I may be a little too picky in this area.) I think an app or add-on must query Windows for the user's regional preferences. That aside, however, why professionally accepted styles like "January 12, 2018", "12 January 2018", "2018-01-12" (RFC 3339) are not used? And why are date and time separated by a dash (" - ")? They should be separated by a comma and a space (", ").

    EDIT: It is a little confusing that a developer can reply to reviewer but the reviewer cannot reply back. Anyway... I know about those settings areas the developer mentioned. Yet, even utilizing those, it is impossible to customize the date and time format beyond some pre-chosen options, all of which are poor.
    Download manager - Settings - Appearance - Layout - Date format
    Download manager - Settings - Download History - Date format
  • This app replaces what Chrome has at the bottom while downloading files. It is absolutely fantastic.
  • Well done.Thank you!!!
  • Excelente extension, muy util para aquellos que nos dedicamos a las descargas de contenido y queremos sabes el progreso.