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  • It's easy to download any video
  • Excellent!!!
  • You will be able to download anything no matter how unreliable the server is. Combine S3 with Video DownloadHelper and it set to use the browser as the download method. VDH will snag the URL from the HTML and S3 will handle the actual download even on the crappiest of video hosting services.
  • Always installed...always
  • Interface from 10 years ago, it PLAYS A SOUND ON DOWNLOAD FINISHED by default, it adds another layer of "do you want to open this file" that doesn't look like either FIREFOX OR your OS, it interrupts downloads for whatever reason, and whenever the download rate drops to zero IT SHOWS THE DOWNLOAD AS COMPLETED.
    This would be bad in 2009. Now it's just ridiculously bad.
  • بسیار است
  • this is total BS, always asking for approval. i was in the middle of a login when your stupid app needed to another approval. how many times do you need to hear how i like it? quit bothering me with all of your participation trophy seeking popups. each time i will give it less stars and a worse review.
  • Ora funziona bene con la versione finale di firefox 70.0 e anche con la beta 71.0b4
    C'è un modo per non far aprire la tab in primo piano quando inizia un download?
  • Instead of opening something when selecting launch, a whole other window opens to launch the file. Whats with the need for the extra step and window.
    sorry, but these are the features of Firefox