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  • i love is addons!
  • I would give it 5 stars except for one very necessary but missing feature.

    I cannot restart or resume a timed out or failed download. Imagine a 800 MB file 97% complete, stalled. Sorry, the hour spent downloading the 97% is gone, wasted, and I get to start all over again from 0%.

    Other than that, it is a very good add-on and one I use all the timer.
  • Excellent
  • My experience is quite good, but I met some problems following these steps:
    1. install firefox without installing any other addons.(in fact, I disabled them)
    2. install this and Stylus, then install a theme from userstyles.org.
    3. open the website you styled, then you'll find it loaded twice instead of once. but if you uninstall this addon, you'll find the site load only once.
    May I know it's a bug or feature?
    from Window 10 64bit firefox 61.0.1 release
  • I've been a faithful user of Download Statusbar, since before it added the "S3" to its name. Before the WebExtensions revolution came to break down all add-ons, I forced myself to get used to live without it. Now, who could tell, there is a WE version of it! And not only that, but it's even more useful than the former XUL add-on! Without "DownThemAll", the [Create new download] option is a life saver, absolutely essential!
  • Когда пытаюсь проверить контрольную сумму файла, пишет "пожалуйста, подождите" и стоит на 0% бесконечно. Антивирусная проверка тоже не работает. Браузер Firefox 61.0 (64-бит). Операционная система Windows 8.1 профессиональная.
    Пожалуйста отправьте информацию о проблеме на форум:
  • Please add an option to rename the downloaded file.

    P.S. Before printing a page, you must hide the bar to prevent it from appearing on the printed page.
  • I think the functionality provided by this add-on should come as standard in Firefox (or any browser, really). It makes managing, tracking, organising and finding downloaded files really convenient, and it's very customisable, so you can set it up however you like. My personal favourite features are audio alerts, popup "toast" messages, a toggleable bar showing the individual progress of each download (which can be placed on the top or the bottom of the browser window), and a history of downloaded files in case I need to re-download a file later. It's robust and useful, with pretty much no fluff or bloat, and I don't think any of the alternatives are quite as good, and I tried about half a dozen of them before I settled on Download Manager (S3).
  • einfach und ideal um downloads zu handeln und zu verfolgen. dave
  • 相当可以
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