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  • Unsure what information is needed to (or even where I should) bug report,, but there doesn't seem to be a contact website/email available under "More Information" on this add-on's page. :(

    On Firefox 57.0.1 (64-bit) for Windows 7, running Mind the Time 2.2.0, Mind the Time doesn't show anything on the summary page. The top navigation bar (MIND THE TIME, ..., REFRESH) does show up, and so does a color gradient along the entire page (below the navigation bar). Mousing along the navigation bar does "dark-shade" the box behind the text, and clicking on any of the words doesn't do anything--the exception is "ABOUT" which opens this page.

    Mind the Time shows up fine as an icon on the Toolbar; even the h:mm time tracker increases as it should. When clicked, the popup menu showing the various timer settings shows up fine; the h:mm/h:mm time tracker (showing time spent on the current domain) also works fine.

    The bug persists, even after restarting firefox, and even after turning off all other addons and running the default theme.

    edit: Refreshing firefox (completely new install) fixes the problem, somehow!
  • Great add-on.
    Just one thing that I miss (and I couldn't find any e-mail to contact the author) is an option to configure how the dates are displayed when seeing the statistics/summary.
    Seeing it as "month/day" is really strange in some places; having an option to choose "day/month" would make it even greater.
  • Congrats that you've made Mind the Time compatible with Firefox 57 before Adblock Plus did!
  • Very good tool. But with the new version of firefox (56.0), the timer log keep going even if there is no activity on the browser ! And the timer run with private navigation.
    Update: starting with version 2.2.0 time and websites in private browsing windows are not logged.

    Thank you, and yes, these are two known issues. I hope they can be resolved. A couple quotes from the add-on's page below.

    From Developer Notes: I've noticed that occasionally the idle timeout does not work correctly and too much time is logged for a given site. This appears to be caused by a problem in the WebExtensions layer and not in this add-on's code. See this bug report: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1383244 A workaround is to minimize or otherwise "unfocus" Firefox before leaving the computer idle.

    From Mind the Time listing: Note: Currently time and websites are logged for private browsing windows. This is due to a known limitation in Firefox's browser extensions API. See: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/manifest.json/incognito

    Update: I've added a more prominent "Known Issues" section to the add-on's page and added these two items to it.
  • I already use LeechBlock to delay addictive pages, but found its statistics lacking. This is better. It does not block or delay, but allows to check after-the-fact where that time went. I like the immediate feedback, keeping the time spent on the current page visible at a glance.
  • This a nice, handy addon. It keeps track of all websites I visit, without slowing my browser down. The statistics lack any sort of graph, but personally I'm happy with the lists displayed.

    Edit: A previous version of the add-on kept track of time spent while in incognito mode, which has been resolved as of version 0.2.2. The rating has thus been changed to a deserved 5/5. Thanks to the developer for implementing a manual workaround until the browser's API catches up.
    Update: starting with version 2.2.0 time and websites in private browsing windows are not logged.

    Thanks for reporting this. I took a look and this is a side effect of the migration to the new WebExtensions APIs. Currently Firefox does not fully support all the options for handling private windows. When it does I can update the extension so that it will once again not log sites and time in private windows. I've added a note about this to the add-on's description.


  • As I cannot leave one more message under your answer, I've decided to leave on more review instead.

    «Pale Moon» won't support the new kind of addons, so, please, could you port it just for us, for the community?
    Sorry, Mind the Time was always an "Add-on SDK" add-on, and it would take way too much work to port it to the older lower level "XUL overlay" format.
  • Love this app but I wish that it was translated into my language
  • I have the same problem as Uli (from October 5, 2016 review)

    It resets to gray mode. Can you please add a default mode setting or something like that?
    This should be fixed in the current version (2.0.1) and above. It should now remembers the timing mode across browser sessions.
  • Зачётная прога .Подробно показывает сколько времени в день , в неделю , в месяц ты зависаешь в инете и на каких сайтах. Отображает процент затраченного времени на каждом ресурсе.
    Дополнение не заменимо для тех кто экономит время.
  • Using Firefox on a mac. There is a little "0" showing, but when I click on the summary data it shows the entire amount of time I have wasted.
  • Best extension for time tracking!

    Can you build this extension for Google Chrome?
  • Works as expected, clean, fast.
    I would prefer that the aggregate scores account the current day.
  • I really enjoy this addon. I have it set up to give me a little popup every 20 minutes to tell me how long i've spent online today and It's a fantastic reminder to get up and stretch and at the same time to maybe go find something more productive to do.

    The setting options are simple easy to understand. The statistics page is also really nicely laid out and very easy to understand. Would definitely recommend this addon if you're interested in tracking the amount of time you spend on websites or on the internet in general.
  • It is a really useful add-on to monitor the time that is spent in surfing the web. it provides reports per day/week/month that are really meaningful to help you manage your time.

    There are two features that I can suggest to be added to make it even better :

    1. Sync the times between all instances of the firefox (even the android version)

    2. let the user to categorize sites. For example I need to monitor how much I have spent in total on facebook and twitter. So it would be great if I could add a category and add these two sites into it. Then the reports consider these categories.

    thanks a lot
  • With this application, I am now less sitting at the computer
  • i think there is a small bug inside... it changes all the time by itself back to the gray mode. i want it the green mode all the time... but after few hours or restarting firefox (not sure) its again gray...
  • Doesn't display the ticker as mentioned in the screeshots on FF 48.0.2 version. After spending some time and later to only find that the ticker doesn't get displayed on private mode set on FF, then not helpful at all.
  • Absolutely wonderful. My favorite part about this, is that it is made specifically and only for Firefox!

    But is there anyway to make it so that it continues to time as long as the tab is opened (it doesnt have to be focused), for a certain domain. Because I download files from the site and analyze it in an offline app, and then come back to Firefox to complete the work. But this is only for specific domains.

    Right now I see only an option to make it continually time for all domains or none domains.
  • nice tidy little info icon on menu bar.
  • You are onto something here, sir! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK~
  • Hey bro it would be great to have the option to backup the statistics, or if you told us which files to save... Great addon
  • Save the statics on the cloud. Add graphics
  • This is a useful tool for time management.