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  • başarılı bir eklenti
  • Great addon! Simple but very useful!
  • Very Useful. thank you
  • There is no button now, I did see the little hourglass button when I first installed it, but now I don't. There is no documentation for usage that I can find, except to say that there is a button now, instead of the ticker, and no other place I can find for support, so I am doing it here. I see they ask for support, but how can I pay for something that doesn't work and has no technical info nor help that I can find?
  • which theme for firefox are you using in screenshots
  • Enable in setting - keep selected time mode always. Thanks.
  • every couple of days the summary resets itself..../
  • Great interface update.
  • On nightly built it's not working. I think this problem not only happen to me, but also happen to many people, I chat them at IRC MozNet and they tell the same thing. No extension shown, Only successfully installed...
    Version 1.2.2 works on Firefox Beta (39). I just tried it with DeveloperEdition (40) and it's not working for me there.

    Mozilla has deprecated the widget module of their add-on SDK:

    So I think that's why Mind the Time is not working on Firefox 40 or higher. I'm currently working on a new version that doesn't use the widget module. That should fix the problem. I hope to be able to release it soon.

    UPDATE: a new version of Mind the Time (1.3.0) is now available and it works on Firefox nightly (41) and developer edition (40):
  • Works great. I should spend less time in internet :-)
  • Not resetting at 400 am anymore. Not resetting at all.
  • Works excellently.
  • Absolutely brilliant. Working out of the box just how i wanted it to use. I can track my time in Firefox and make adjustments in my procrastination based on the real numbers.
  • Despite my best efforts timer doesn't appear in toolbar anymore.. shame because I find it very useful and was planning to make a donation... but now it doesn't work!
  • Pause timer after one inactivity option not working. Timer runes continuously.
  • I am a professional student, and one of my grants requires me to track the amount of time spent in the classroom. Since my school is based online, this was tricky until one of my IT friends recommended this add-on. I added it yesterday, and I am happy with it so far. I am waiting to see if the generated reports will be approved, but it looks like it will fulfill the requirements.

    I'm having some difficulty with the tracker, though. As I said, I started using the Add-On yesterday. It is now 7:36 AM (EST), and the Add-On is still tracking this morning's hours as yesterday. I was uncomfortable with the 4 AM setting as opposed to midnight, but this is not going to work for me if the days cannot be separated. Help?? Thank you!
  • It gives you the most elegant and profound statistics on your behaviour on the web. It's unobtrusive and a must for the one perfecting himself. No longer be blind to how much time your bad habits suck out of your life. Kill them on time.
    Update: I'm using Procrastitracker to track pc usage now.
  • Good addon but please add graphs like timestats on Google Chrome
  • Love the app! Only thing is that some games (like msn games) play in a pop-out window and I don't think the extension is tracking this time. Any way to address this?
  • hey i like this addon a lot.
    If you could add on option to ignore the websites browsed during private mode, that'd be awesome. ;-)
    Thanks, Mind the Time already ignores private browsing: "No time or websites are logged for private browsing windows." from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mind-the-time/
  • This add-on is perfect for keeping track of the time I spend online and each specific website. It runs very smoothly and quietly; I am completely satisfied.

    As mentioned in another review, it would be nice to be able to export the data (perhaps a future update)
  • Buen Complemento, si pudiera exportar el reporte a xls o csv seria Excelente. (Good Addition, if you could export the report to xls or csv Excellent serious.)
  • Nice add-on. Works perfectly.
  • Hi!
    the addon was working for a long time, but since FF v.20 its just grey, the summary page is blank! i removed, and added it again, but nothing! can an other addon interfere with it?
  • I finally find what I need. Other addons only give history stats based on visiting history, not time stats. I used to use LeechBlock, but I can completely control my browsing now. So I only need time stats. Thank you very much for this addon.

    Two suggestions:
    1) you have already categorized timer types with always on, pause on idle, etc. Could you make the "always on / video mode" based on a list of websites? There are just that many websites that people usually spend time on.
    2) Customized idle timeout? One minute is kinda too short for long reading...

    One question about timing:
    If Firefox loses focus (e.g. mnimized), do you keep counting? I guess you do in video mode? This is kinda tricky since Flash fullscreen switches to flash process. However, if it's just texts, and firefox is not current windows, I am probably not reading anything...