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  • Does what it says on the tin, working well so far and isn't taking some of the more spurious permissions other extensions do. I'd like to see a few more options, to change to showing seconds, and to allow you to set a notification to go if if I've spent X amount of time on a site today.
  • I've just installed this addon, but it doesn't work (running Firefox 63). A shame, because it was exactly what I was looking for.
    Currently, the toolbar button flashes for like 1/10th of a second when loading each page and is disabled right after. Clicking on it when it's lighted up still gives access to the summary, which shows no time has been counted whatsoever.
  • Stop working a couple of days ago. But in general it was very good.
  • It tracks all the durations, it has the option to whitelist some sites and the reports are neatly presented.
  • Very useful in concept, unfortunately it seems it hasn't had any real updates in years and no longer functions correctly. The stats seem unreliable for me, and the reminder popups don't really work -- they appear inconsistently, and when they do appear at all it disappears after about half a second, far too quick to actually ready or even notice the message.
  • Nice addon, can you please help me to find the source code? The Homepage button only redirects to the addon page.
  • > Keeps counting time even when window is out of focus

    > Keeps counting when my computer goes into sleep mode. Please fix it.

    It's still true nowadays :-(
  • It's nice and simple, and it seems to work.

    My only major discomfort with it is remembering to manually switch modes. It'd be nice if it could detect whether a video is playing or allow setting a list of sites where video mode is always used.
  • I can only wish this great Add-on could keep track of several computers for a single account. Sometimes you have to be aware of your time at home and at the office.
    Keep up the great job your doing!!!
  • Excellent add-on, simple and just works! Please add an option for a blacklist, some people like me just want to track time spent on a few sites, not every the internet. Thank you million times!
  • great addon, the statistics are very useful
  • Have used in the past. Just added again, and expect it to be useful in limiting my time online.
  • really nice!!!
    The only reason I didn't gave the 5 stars is because there are enormous improving possibilities and it can be really bether.

    Note: would be nice do have a graph showing the evolution of the time spend on your X most used websites
  • Ultra-reduzierte Zeiterfassung pro Site und als Summe über alles.
    Keine Einstellmöglichkeiten.
  • Keeps counting when my computer goes into sleep mode. Please fix it.
  • It's been working well overall. I actually wanted to report what seems to be a bug, but don't know how to do that besides rating the addon.

    Issue: The timer appears to start back up after midnight, when it is supposed to be "off". I noticed this because I like to fall asleep with my laptop playing some videos, and set an auto-shutdown for ~30 minutes after I get in bed (a little before midnight). I disabled the timer before doing this, and found that the time was logged for the current day from the midnight roll-over.

    I'm using Firefox 60.0.1 (64-bit)
  • Great app