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  • This extension was all I was needing to firefox. Have long been waiting for a dev to build an extension like this.

    I'm glad you * dev.

    I also like the Opera Browser.

    In Opera use the add-on called "Time Counter"

    It records data * Today * and Total.

    You could make this a Firefox extension is * Idêntic (Seemed) *Time Counter of Opera Browser?

    ... I use Firefox Aurora and your extension works great!

    by Brasil
  • Love it, it's small and does exactly what it's supposed to.The one suggestion I have is adding a reset option to the drop-down when it is clicked, as that would be much more convenient than navigating to about:addons. That, or adding an option to choose when it resets - a certain time each day, or when the browser is closed. I personally would like to monitor each session individually, but I understand the benefits of monitoring the entire day.
    *EDIT* I got to thinking about this, and the easiest way to implement such a feature would be to add a session timer on top of the daily/weekly timers that is more transient. It could be cleared when Firefox is quit, and there's really no need to archive data that specific. And then from there a timer selection feature could be added (which would also allow users to have a timer for the week easily visible without going to the summary). I don't want to push you to implement anything like this if you feel it's unnecessary, but I figured I would add more clarity to a possible implementation of my ideas.
    Thanks for your suggestions. I'll take them into consideration.
  • You know what? This plugin really seems finished to me. I just don't need anything more. Not sure if it's possible to make it better.
    I've liked it so much that even donated for the first time
    Glad you like the add-on and thanks for the donation!
  • I like this addon very much! It helps in analyzing the time spent on various websites.The summary over the day/last-week is a good feature.

    However, older data is automatically deleted - but I'd like to keep my older statistics.
    Can you insert an export (or maybo alos an import) functionality? This allows to save older statistics and also allows one to see how the time spent on webpages changed over the course of days/weeks/mothns etc.

    Other than this suggestion,I am satisfied with the addon.
    Version 1.0 stores and displays much more historical data. You can also cut and paste from the summary tables into a spreadsheet. Eventually it might be nice to have CSV export as well.
  • I like that you can see the information at a glance. Any possibility of being able to see further back then just one week in the report?
    You'll like version 1.0 since it stores and summarizes more historical data.
  • I like it! But one important feature is missing: I'd like to able to link some websites together (e.g. google.it with google.com), so that they appear as a single website in the stats.
  • The best thing of the counter is that it switches to the time of the open website when you change the tab! :)
  • I'm starting to keep track of what i do online, in order for me to better manage my time, and this works amazingly. However, i still have the problem with the addon not working after browser restart (FF 19 and 20). Other than that, it's great!
    I haven't been able to reproduce this restart issue. You want to be using the most recent versions of Firefox and Mind the Time, but if that's already the case, I'm not sure how to fix it.
  • Saved me a lot of time !
  • I really like it, but on Firefox Nightly (20.0a1 (2012-12-27)), after browser restart It don't work (there is no toolbar timer). I need restart addon manually to work after restart
  • couldn't live without it.
    One request: please could there be a line at the bottom of the summary page showing the total hours of all the previous weeks? No more. I just want to reduce the time i spend online and i forgot to note my previous week totals. Not all weeks! Maybe 6 or 8? Lightweight is important, this is not though:) Thanks.
    Thanks for the review. Starting with version 1.0 a total of 10 weeks of data (70 days) are kept.
  • great job, thank you!
  • Nice extension, but it can't unite https and http versions of sites in the one value and delete sites from already created statistics.
    Starting with version 1.0 http and https versions of the same site are combined. I have added "deleting sites from already created statistics" to my list of potential future features.
  • Doesn't work with Pale Moon. :(

    Great extension for Firefox users, though.
  • Si tienes curiosidad por saber cuanto tiempo pierdes en facebook o haciendo el idiota por la red esta es tu aplicación.
  • This add-on will make an internet user very productive. Very helpful yet simple and cool. i just wanna suggest though to have a preference to not show or store into memory the websites visited for privacy reasons, just the time. Thank you for this add-on.
    Thanks for the review. I will take your suggestion into consideration.

    Edit: implemented in version 1.0
  • I like this add-on. This add-on help me control my time.
  • I think it is a good addin. It is just what I need. But I can't use it! My bars are all dark and I can't see the timer because it is black. Could it have the option to change the color of the time display or to have an optional background?
    Thanks for the tip! Will fix this in the next version.

    Edit: now fixed in version 0.5.0
  • Hello, this is wonderful addon, but please add ability to classify sites by type, eg. work, fun, social and show stat grouped by type of site
    Thanks for the review. Your suggestion is not a bad one, and something I've considered. Probably won't have the time to work on it any time soon, as it would take a lot of work to implement.
  • Awesome! I hope it will evolve continously:)
    H:MM:ss format is good tip;)
    Thank you for the review. On H:MM:SS, I decided to only show minutes and not seconds in order to keep the add-on lightweight and not impact browser performance. Updating by the minute is much lighter than updating every second. Also, I think it makes sense to measure the time spent by minutes and not seconds. (Note: it still keeps accurate time, to the second, but only updates the ticker by the minute.)
  • Very Nice!!!

    Is it possible to change H:MM to H:MM:ss or MM:ss?
    Thanks =)
    Thanks for the review. I decided to only show minutes and not seconds in order to keep the add-on lightweight and not impact browser performance. Updating by the minute is much simpler and lighter than updating every second. Also, I thought it made sense to measure the time spent by minutes and not seconds. (Note: it still keeps accurate time, to the second, but only updates the ticker by the minute.)
  • Updated today to the new FF13, it works great!
  • Great idea and unlike LeechBlock this add-on works!
  • Hi, can we have detailed log view coresponding to history
  • This add-on is really useful, tracks the time spent on individual websites.
    Also brings up a reminder every set amount of time so you are reminded about how long you have spent over all through out the day.