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  • This add-on is perfect for keeping track of the time I spend online and each specific website. It runs very smoothly and quietly; I am completely satisfied.

    As mentioned in another review, it would be nice to be able to export the data (perhaps a future update)
  • Buen Complemento, si pudiera exportar el reporte a xls o csv seria Excelente. (Good Addition, if you could export the report to xls or csv Excellent serious.)
  • Nice add-on. Works perfectly.
  • Hi!
    the addon was working for a long time, but since FF v.20 its just grey, the summary page is blank! i removed, and added it again, but nothing! can an other addon interfere with it?
  • I finally find what I need. Other addons only give history stats based on visiting history, not time stats. I used to use LeechBlock, but I can completely control my browsing now. So I only need time stats. Thank you very much for this addon.

    Two suggestions:
    1) you have already categorized timer types with always on, pause on idle, etc. Could you make the "always on / video mode" based on a list of websites? There are just that many websites that people usually spend time on.
    2) Customized idle timeout? One minute is kinda too short for long reading...

    One question about timing:
    If Firefox loses focus (e.g. mnimized), do you keep counting? I guess you do in video mode? This is kinda tricky since Flash fullscreen switches to flash process. However, if it's just texts, and firefox is not current windows, I am probably not reading anything...
  • This idea is marvelous! I was looking for an alternative to RescueTime which is open source and not cloud-based. This fits the bill!

    I'm having a minor difficulty, though. I'm getting numerous duplicate day entries in the summary page.

    I'm running Firefox 26 with twelve other addons installed.
    Please send me an email to try and troubleshoot this. (Try it with a clean profile with no other add-ons...)
    Edit: I have identified a bug that is likely causing this. It will be fixed in the next release (1.2.2). Please email me and let me know what your time zone is.
  • Great app - really helps me keep track of what I do everyday.

    Just a small problem - after midnight, the counter resets to 0:00 for both items. However, it never starts counting again until an unknown amount of time later (at least a few hours).
    Please send me an email to try and troubleshoot this. Edit: please let me know if this still occurs with version 1.2.2.
  • It's great and very useful indeed!
  • Unreadable. Grey font on a grey background and no option to change the colours..
    I can read it, but will take this into consideration for future revisions.
  • Great addon, can i make some suggestions?
    1. Ability to group urls in categories (e.g. news,music,social networks, etc). A user-friendly implementation could be: At the summary page, with right click on any url to have a 'Move to Category' choice so we may add/move that url to a category. Summary page showing the 'interdependent' urls and the categories of the rest (displaying the total time for the urls belonging to each one) and with a click on any category to display in a tree style the information of each of the urls of that category with non zero time.
    2. Ability to track activities away from firefox: After X minutes in pause mode and at every startup of the ff a pop up menu with the total away time and a choice to add time for each such activity.
    3. Ability to group browsing time by activity. Lets say the activity is "learning javascript", you would be able by choosing it as activity to know the total time spent doing it and at what sites. (with combination with my 2nd suggestion you could have a complete track of what you did in order to learn javascript)

    Probably a small difference in accuracy so not that important: after the timing is paused it should resume only if ff firstly gain focus and a mouse clicked in the area or a key is pressed (even more sophisticated any key stroke except alt - for people who prefer to use alt+tab instead of mouse to move among windows). That way we don't have a minute added mistakely at the openned tab's url if we accidentaly bring it in front or just move the mouse after a screen saver or a standby.
    Thanks for the comments. I think these suggestions are out of scope given my time constraints...
  • Now I know where I am wasting time and where I am not!

    Thanks a lot for your work!
  • Love this add-on and used it all the time, but can't use in FF 17. Please update this. :)
  • Thats it. keep improving sir, especially the UI design
  • I had never put a review for an addon ever. This Plugin has compelled me to Thank Developer for his excellent work. Its a real medicine for people like us. 4 days in use and I have already start feeling the difference. I realized how much time i have wasted roaming all over internet with zero productivity. Apart from the Timer ... Statistics is the coolest feature of this addon. It helps me keep track of what i did all along. I would definitely recommend this addon.
  • Excellent addon for all.
  • I love it, It's as useful as simpley. I'd like to have a way to just track a website, and display an alert for that website instead of for just surfing the web.
  • I really like this add on. it tells me how much time in the day I'm wasting :) The one thing i'd like to see is a count down option from a set time limit, with reminders saying internet time is almost up, is up, etc.
    I do like the add-on though!
  • Love it. The key for me giving 5 stars would be a "working day" option that I can define (i.e. Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm). It isn't relevant to me if I spent 30 minutes on Facebook whilst I sip my morning coffee, but is vital to my business during work hours.

    Still wonderful to get a gauge though!
  • This extension was all I was needing to firefox. Have long been waiting for a dev to build an extension like this.

    I'm glad you * dev.

    I also like the Opera Browser.

    In Opera use the add-on called "Time Counter"

    It records data * Today * and Total.

    You could make this a Firefox extension is * Idêntic (Seemed) *Time Counter of Opera Browser?

    ... I use Firefox Aurora and your extension works great!

    by Brasil
  • Love it, it's small and does exactly what it's supposed to.The one suggestion I have is adding a reset option to the drop-down when it is clicked, as that would be much more convenient than navigating to about:addons. That, or adding an option to choose when it resets - a certain time each day, or when the browser is closed. I personally would like to monitor each session individually, but I understand the benefits of monitoring the entire day.
    *EDIT* I got to thinking about this, and the easiest way to implement such a feature would be to add a session timer on top of the daily/weekly timers that is more transient. It could be cleared when Firefox is quit, and there's really no need to archive data that specific. And then from there a timer selection feature could be added (which would also allow users to have a timer for the week easily visible without going to the summary). I don't want to push you to implement anything like this if you feel it's unnecessary, but I figured I would add more clarity to a possible implementation of my ideas.
    Thanks for your suggestions. I'll take them into consideration.
  • You know what? This plugin really seems finished to me. I just don't need anything more. Not sure if it's possible to make it better.
    I've liked it so much that even donated for the first time
    Glad you like the add-on and thanks for the donation!
  • I like this addon very much! It helps in analyzing the time spent on various websites.The summary over the day/last-week is a good feature.

    However, older data is automatically deleted - but I'd like to keep my older statistics.
    Can you insert an export (or maybo alos an import) functionality? This allows to save older statistics and also allows one to see how the time spent on webpages changed over the course of days/weeks/mothns etc.

    Other than this suggestion,I am satisfied with the addon.
    Version 1.0 stores and displays much more historical data. You can also cut and paste from the summary tables into a spreadsheet. Eventually it might be nice to have CSV export as well.
  • I like that you can see the information at a glance. Any possibility of being able to see further back then just one week in the report?
    You'll like version 1.0 since it stores and summarizes more historical data.
  • I like it! But one important feature is missing: I'd like to able to link some websites together (e.g. google.it with google.com), so that they appear as a single website in the stats.
  • The best thing of the counter is that it switches to the time of the open website when you change the tab! :)