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  • mencoba, mudah2an bagus
  • Best "Keep" app has just got better!
    The addition of a "right click" menu shortcut opens now the keep sidebar,
    This easy, fast access had made "keep" even easier to use and access!

    Thank you Bro Baris!
  • Pretty useful, thanks!
  • Very nifty, exactly what I was hoping to find for something like notes.
    My 2 cents, for future enhancements, in order:
    1. Full container support - Open google account of corresponding container - right now it opens default account in any container
    2. Save to Keep/ Save link to new Keep note
  • 1. This extension takes like really long time to load, compared with its Chrome analogue
    2. Doesn't have mouse context menu. To paste something you have to use keyboard hotkeys
    3. When you select something on the page and press keep icon, it doesn't load the text you've selected.
    As result, not convenient unfortunately
  • It was working, but now only shows a grey screen. I tried removing and re-installing, but same thing. Please take a look at this issue.
  • Es lento, tarda unos segundos en cargar.
  • didnt work for me. just showed a blank screen with no notes.
  • Excellent extension.
  • جالب نبود
    اندازه هاش خوب مناسب نیس