203 reviews
  • Only con is Advertising window.
  • it's just perfect.
  • СУПЕР!!!
  • best app ever
  • Very useful. However, doesn't seem to work when Ghostery is also installed. With Ghostery installed one constantly gets the message that one has been logged out and needs to reload to log in again. However, reload doesn't help. uBlock doesn't seem to interfere.
  • Seems like this would be useful but it doesn't work for me. The toolbar button does nothing. The toolbar button's context menu option "Google Keep Notes" opens the sidebar and shows the orange header line but then only gray. No content. The hamburger menu works but it's also empty. The only things that work are the icons linking to other Google products and the button to Sign out.
  • if it's just loading Keep on the sidebar... Why does it require a new log-in? I don't know, but seems suspicious...
  • super
  • mencoba, mudah2an bagus
  • Best "Keep" app has just got better!
    The addition of a "right click" menu shortcut opens now the keep sidebar,
    This easy, fast access had made "keep" even easier to use and access!

    Thank you Bro Baris!