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  • It's a little too big though. It would be best if the notes are in two columns.
  • Awesome, you can have access to Keep without actually going to the page but it would be better if we could pin the icon on the tools menu because sometimes I do not want the sidebar opened.
  • Great for flipping notes on the web for later reference!
  • Very well done!
  • Ellerinize sağlık çok güzel bir eklenti ^^
  • From some days ago I can only see the header of the page inside the window that opens when you click the button , unless I explicitly allow keep.google.com to the allowed cookie sites (if I open keep in its own tab or window it opens fine), but even if I allow the site to store all cookies the window then only shows me list mode and no tile mode. please fix. Thank You.
  • Good idea and works, but uses a ton of CPU just being open on my machine
  • works well, but the shortcut ctr+shift+Y is duplicated with download page.
  • Alwys shows the following popups: You signed out. Please reload the page to log in and continue your work.
    It does not work. This plugin is therefore useless.
  • Pratique et simple
  • Sometimes save sometimes does not save. I have to edit many times to confirm my modifications were saved.