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  • didnt work for me. just showed a blank screen with no notes.
  • Excellent extension.
  • جالب نبود
    اندازه هاش خوب مناسب نیس
  • Please fix the layout.
  • Easy way to access Google Keep notes.

    A nice feature would be an easy way to add a note concerning the current URL/tab (like in the official plugin in chrome).
  • Thanks for bringing this add-on to Firefox but this needs to be improved a lot, like I wonder why we can't have the basic grid interface like with the actual GG Note?
  • Basic features are working. But I miss:

    - Set window sticky
    - Adapt width in settings
  • I love taking notes on websites, I do a great deal of research into websites, about their content, and possible usefulness. Thank you.
  • Presque parfait. Dommage qu'on ne peut notamment, pas mettre certaines parties du texte en gras.
    De plus le système se ferme subitement sans en donner de raisons.
  • Finde ich super für einfache Notizen. Mit andocken in der Seite absolut perfekt. Jedoch funktioniert-das nicht auf jedem PC..
  • D
  • the new version is basically a popup window and if you go to copy text from a background tab to paste into it, it disappears. The old version works perfectly with Waterfox.