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  • doesnt work!
  • Porcaria!
  • I've been looking for a good alternative to the as-of-now-defunct "Down Them All!" downloader which is not yet supported by the new Firefox Quantum. Nothing I tried came even close to meeting my demands.... except for this.
    All Downloader Professional is exactly that -- a very professional downloader that can literally download all you throw at it. For my purposes it's not as easy to use as Down Them All! but on the other hand it does give me a bit more flexibility and even some added functionality. So far, I really like this downloader.
    I would give this a 6 out of 5 stars if I could.
  • You have to pay to download anything (just shows ad for the ultimate version)
  • Fine
  • It's working well.THANK YOU!
  • Red icon is too flashy.
    Also, I mistake it as a standard download button.
    Please change it.
  • The best addon ever i seen... I am so happy.... unlimited posibilities... It downloads videos from youtube too... so COOL!!!! Don't stop this project.... IT'S AMAZING.!!! You well done.. ;)
  • One functionality issue, two cosmetic issues, and a request:

    I just now downloaded this add-on for the sake of downloading all the ".ogg" audio files from a particular web page, but the add-on did not recognize them as audio files -- it displayed them in the "External links" tab instead of the "Video & Audio" tab. I had to go to the External links tab, then use Filter > URL includes this text: ogg to be able to gather them all so that I could select them all.

    Except for that, the add-on did what it was supposed to do.

    Cosmetically, when hovering the cursor over the add-on button, the tool-tip text says "Video Downloader Professional" instead of "All Downloader Professional". Was that the add-on's old name? Secondly, under General settings > Select language, "English" is spelled the German way: "Englisch", which I find little strange. All the rest of the text on the settings page is spelled in standard English.

    Finally, I would like the option to select where to download files to.
  • Goodnight baby girl who was the only thing
  • 1. Нет возможности выбора каталога сохранения, только в папку по умолчанию.
    2. Скачивает файлы под невразумительными названиями. Почему? Неужели так трудно сохранять под оригинальным именем?

    Но сама реализация великолепна.
  • além de travar o navegador, demorar ao clicar na seta para ele carregar e ver os itens para fazer download, ao colocar para fazer download dos videos o mesmo as vezes indica arquivos errados, que nao sao realmente vídeos ...
  • Not trustable.
  • doesnt work
  • This adds a backdoor to Firefox to track you and download any nasty malware it wants to your browser.
    First thing this adware does is injects ads into search pages. Check for yourself before and after your anti spyware removes this addon.
  • At one time, I could go to a thumbnail page and it would download the second level, or, the big images but will not any more and only downloads the thumbnail. What use is that?
    2. The have what appears to be a link for SUPPORT but when you click it, you go nowhere and it says there is no email in this link.
  • Malwarebytes found PUP.Optional.StartPage24
    All of author startpage24's addons have adware embedded in the code. This adware injects ads into webpages.
  • Sir, Very useful add-ons ! Can you please also include all ebook file formats, such as epub, mobi ? Thanks in advance !
  • Good, but is not very userfrendly.
  • Works ok, but adds a number to end of text entries in websites data entry fields.