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  • At one time, I could go to a thumbnail page and it would download the second level, or, the big images but will not any more and only downloads the thumbnail. What use is that?
    2. The have what appears to be a link for SUPPORT but when you click it, you go nowhere and it says there is no email in this link.
  • Malwarebytes found PUP.Optional.StartPage24
    All of author startpage24's addons have adware embedded in the code. This adware injects ads into webpages.
  • Sir, Very useful add-ons ! Can you please also include all ebook file formats, such as epub, mobi ? Thanks in advance !
  • Good, but is not very userfrendly.
  • Works ok, but adds a number to end of text entries in websites data entry fields.
  • Its popup form, that one selects the file has TWO fatal flaws:
    1] it displays in white text on pale blue background- completely illegible!!
    2] I was unable to download anything because it seems to lack a download button. You can select a file but then.... nada.
    Doubly impossible.
  • JOKEWARE alert! Finds elements of page but hitting the download button does precisely NOTHING. I see the process eating up some processor time, so I suspect this is some type of malware. And that, my friends, means banishment with no return privileges.
  • Do Not Work!
    There is no download button, or menu item, or toolbar item, so there is nothing to make work, either.
    The supposed "homepage" for this Add-On, is nothing more than an ad for website software called "startpage24". But, no support, no instructions, nothing.
    Dear Calen,

    I can not reproduce your issue.
    Can you give some details? e.g. the Firefox version/OS you are using?

    Is there anything in the error console related to extensions?

    You can contact me via e-mail: support@videodownloaderultimate.com

    Best regards
  • I had the same problems expressed by many others with this add-on version 1.00.15 until I downloaded version 1.00.17. Thank you for a now great add-on!! Works like a charm.
  • REVISED: worked with a support person and got an updated version of the program and it works wonderfully. actually d/l'd a streaming audio that no other add-on I tried could. I'm assuming they'll update to newer version here soon.

    XXsame as others. Links show, I select, press button and nothing. I disabled all other add-ons I have and still didn't work.XX
  • find links but download button doesnt work
  • Same issue as others-- generates the list of images but the 'download' button does nothing

    there was an update a few days ago, that did adressed this issue and that seems to work for most people.

    Did you check the images you want to download?
    Does the button change it's wording when you check the images?
    Can you tell me what version of the add-on you are running?
    Maybe you can drop a mail to support@videodiwnloaderultimatr.com.
    Thank you and best regards
  • great, they uploaded an update. The downloads are working again, now.
  • As with others I can see stuff and select it but hitting the download button does nothing.
  • Finds the pictures, download button does nothing.
  • I had high hopes for this add-on, thinking it might be a suitable replacement for FlashGot. However, I would have been a lot more impressed if it actually worked. But it doesn't. It doesn't seem to matter which files I select, but when I click on the download button, nothing happens. Not a single file shows up on my computer. So I have to agree with Matteo.

    Since there are some people who seem to be able to get the add-on to work for them, I have to admit there's a possibility some sort of add-on conflict may exist. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to find out what's causing the conflict.

  • super
  • doesn't work
  • Me va de maravilla ... saludos
  • This new addon is great but I notice that it is unable to download from dailymotion .... the good thing is that extension can detect youwatch embed videos unlike Video Downloader professinal 1.97.34 but vdp 1.97. 34 from stratpage can perfectly download videos from dailymotion but vdp 1.97.34 can not detect youwatch embed videos in both google chrome and firefox, i hope you will fix it.Even so, thank you for this amazing addon .... unfortunately I also noticed that this extension can't download from wat.tv unlike youtube-dl gui or captvty......
  • The pop-up icon menu is broken. Preferences are cropped inside the frame, and therefore unreachable.
    Thank you for the information. Can you tell me what OS / FF version you did use? I can not reproduce on one of my Win32 machines.
  • Hi,

    This extension looks quite good, but there are the following long-standing bugs:

    First bug:
    If the option "only show files bigger th[a]n" is enabled, and a value set, when clicking the extension icon on a video loaded in a new tab (i.e. a tab other than what was opened when the option was enabled), no media is detected until the option is disabled.

    Second bug:
    If "Let Firefox determin[e] the filename" is chosen, when selecting a listed media link and clicking the "Download # files" button, I get the following error in the Firefox browser console and downloading does not work: "NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS: Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI] link64_adl_overlay.js:191:0"

    Third bug:
    There is considerable lag switching between the tabs. I tested this on YouTube.

    I'm using Firefox nightly builds (e10s DISABLED).

    ... very much for the detailed error report. Very much appreciated.
    I will address these issues within the next days and update the extension.

    Best regards
  • download button not working in firefox 35.0 beta
  • Default download location is Desktop folder(xp).

    Please respect Options->General->Downloads->'Save files to' folder.
    I will correct this in the next update.