174 reviews
  • i can't take it off
  • Impossible to add extension = won't download pptx for example...
  • Doesn't actually download anything when I hit "Download"
  • Kills my browser every time I use it. Set it to que your downloads like DownloadThemAll!
  • An immensely useful extension that works perfectly and saves a lot of time.
  • 说实话,真的很赞!
  • UPDATED: This extension is the best replacement for "DownloadThemAll!" that I have found and works very well.

    However, I hate that the toolbar icon is a red arrow! It distracts from the minimalist, black and white aesthetic of the default Firefox UI. I real.y resent it when developers, out of pure ego, create extension icons that violate the carefully crafted user experience of Firefox, which is supposed to get out of your way so you can enjoy browsing the web. Its just in really bad taste. If you move the distracting red icon to the "More tools ..." overflow menu, it will not work properly because its UI does not fit within the menu. I hope the developers will fix this. I have altered them to the problem but the icon is still red after many months so I have updated my review from 4 to 3 out of 5 stars.
  • I dont see that this even works. It lists the files... Big deal. No button to download etc. But the ads work just fine :/
  • Unglaublich nützlich und intuitiv zu nutzen. Besser geht es nicht.
  • It does not allow changing the destination folder. It does not allow renaming the files to save them with clearer names.
    On several occasions I have downloaded the same file up to 9 times.
  • Do you have a github or email?
    I would like to help with the translation.
  • best downloader extension on the firefox store
  • (Version 1.98.2)Great and efficient multidownload, filtre file type/extensions & sorting, webpage analytical.
    Working on youtube videos, but the downloaded video filenames are not desirable and the "description" in this addon I cannot copy for filenames?
  • Could be a reasonable replacement for downthemall if a number of issues are corrected: (1) if you enter a subdirectory name it creates one or more subdirectories with the same name and contents below that. (2) it does not retain the filter between download actions. So for now only 2 stars as it is usable but not good enough yet.
  • Wow. What a time waster instead of a time saver. Tried to download 10 zip files. A day later I'm none the wiser and have no downloads. Hoped this would replace DownThemAll but does not come close. So disappointed.