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  • malware
  • where is download option
  • 十分感激,几乎所有网站都可以用,太棒了
  • Does what it is supposed to!
  • Not working, just displays ads
  • It is very useful although it has some bugs. When performing multiple downloads for some reason, multiply the files over and over again.
  • Since a few days firefox seemed to have problems with loading pages after a while. Only white pages and a never ending loading circle.
    Restarting helped – again for a while. Other browsers did not have the problem, so i tried to deactivate addons and with „All Downloader Professional“ i found the problem.
  • La empece a usar recientemente y la encuentro muy práctica!
  • Idea is great, as I was looking to replace the wonderful DownThemAll which is nolonger compatible with Firefox.
    It was working fine for some time, with all the limitation stated by other reviews (opening lots of dialog windows for each file to download, no way to put all files on the same folder for multiple files automatically...)
    But since weeks and for the last Firefox version, it does not show any to download on any pages, neither video, pdf, and so on. Sad that it is not working anylonger at all.
  • What about to download data?
    As an example:

    Sorry... It is not working here.
  • I thought I would start simple with this extension since the reviews show widely varying experiences. One very simple page, containing 16 links to text files. I clicked the download arrow, answered yes to the "do you really want to do this" dialog, and watched as my browser opened separate Save dialogs. I was expecting this even though it is senseless, but what I was not expecting was to begin clicking Save on each window only to see it replaced by another Save dialog for the same file. Over and over and over and over.

    So I quickly hit Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, etc to make it stop. It eventually stopped opening duplicate Save dialogs but clearly there are some really big bugs in this one. Back to clicking single links.
  • Kept downloading the same files over and over again (350 simultaneous downloads!), totally spamming my computer and making it unusable. I've removed it and will never use it again.
  • No detecta comprimidos, y no puedes anadir extensiones
  • Up front: there are many add-ons for downloading images/videos, but hardly any that can batch download documents, like .pdf. So this product is fairly unique on that.
    Drawback: it is slow and when downloading multiple files, it asks for each whether or not it should be saved, i.e. there is no such thing as a 'silent background' download.
  • 不错
  • please support multi language .
    Support URLdecode and save files.
  • good add-on, but download speed is slow.
  • It ask each file. If you download eg. 100 files, you have to accept/cancel each file...
  • "util" en una palabra
  • The best one in this category!