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  • it loads the list but it doesnt download anything, i set firefox default downloads folder, selected the pictures, sometimes it downloads some images but not what is selected and only if i set create folder by folder name.
  • Not working for me at this time on 60.0.3. It does not display any links, which suggests it's not detecting any links either. I only waited a minute or so, maybe it takes a very long time to show the links, I don't know. But it's useless to me this way.
  • Works just fine. It is, however, imperative that your Firefox settings download to a default folder, otherwise it will ask you where you want to save each file that you're downloading from a website. This would be much more practical if it only asked once and remembered the setting. Easy workaround, just changed the download location in your settings, but still worth mentioning. Otherwise, worked great and saved me hours.
  • 很不错的一个插件
  • Not work.
  • Easy and great extension
  • Comigo Funciona perfeitamente....
  • It doesn't work.
  • malware
  • where is download option
  • 十分感激,几乎所有网站都可以用,太棒了
  • Does what it is supposed to!
  • Not working, just displays ads