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  • j'ai testé pleins d'autres extensions identiques et aucune ne fonctionnaient elles trouvaient aucune images ! Celle-ci marche perfect,elle me trouve bien toutes les images sur les sites,super! ( il faut avant tout recharger la page web ou vous souhaitez récupérer les images ,puis cliquer sur l'icone de l'extension ) et c'est parti :)
    Une fois l'extension installée,cliquez sur l'icone de l'extension en haut a droite de firefox et cochez : " Show pictures " pour voir les images ;)
    Si vous cherchez une extension qui marche aussi bien pour chrome ,je vous conseille : " Image Downloader Continued " je l'ai et elle est geniale,pareil :)
  • It does not work on the only website that I am interested into: archive.org.
    Anyway I would never install it in my main browser, because it can see all my passwords and other things that I write.



    "The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords."

    Plus, its code is secret.
  • I like the addon. It does what it promises. The only exceptions are streams and embedded files with iframes or something external. I'm not a programmer but I guess it might be a limitation of HTML.
  • WHAT EXACTLY is this supposed to do, besides show a cute pasten menu containing NOTHING.

    Or. to put it another way, this program DOES NOT WORK.
  • Wasn't what I was looking for. I want something where I can just add an extension to look for as opposed to a "type".
  • Copy download link feature would be great. Can you this please. Thanks
  • Doesn't work for macos/ff v67x. When saving 100 images, it opens 100 Save dialog boxes immediately. Force quitting the browser is the only way to stop. Not a very professional image downloader at all.
  • (EN) Works fine. If your page alread open when you install, then refresh (F5/ Ctrl+F5) to past the informations to this Add-on (it means that: the information must be read when this add-on is alread installed).
    (pt_BR) Funciona bem. Se a sua página já estiver aberta quando você instalar, então atualize (F5 / Ctrl + F5) para passar as informações para este Add-on (isso significa que: as informações devem ser lidas quando este complemento já estiver instalado).
  • Goog
  • Despite selecting a couple of items to download, it downloaded every single thing it could on the page. Avoid at all costs.