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  • Like everyone else says: This doesn't work .. AT ALL! Whoever made this does NOT know what they are doing AND they are too lazy to get it to work.

  • Doesn't detect all download links, hides video/audio downloading functionality and requires you to install another add-on. Trash.
  • I tried this as a replacement for DownThemAll. It works only in theory, as there is one huge problem: the option to set one default folder for all downloads doesn't work. This means that the addon will open one "Save file as..." dialog for each file, and you have to navigate to the target folder for each file separately.

    If the "Ask for one foder name for all files" is fixed, this will be a 5-star addon for me.
  • The idea of this add-on is good, and it should be developed furthere, but what a strange descision to open separate window for each file? If I want to download, say, 200-300 files it opens 200-300 windows. It's impossible. Why not to use the way the DownThemAll worked?

    Идея приложения хороша, и приложение это следовало бы развивать, но что это за странная идея открывать отдельное окно для каждой загрузки? Если я пытаюсь загрузить, скажем, 2-3 сотни файлов, то у меня открывается соответствующее число окошек. Это же ужас просто! Почему бы не воспользоваться опытом DownThemAll?
  • Good
  • Disappointing lack of options. No ability to auto download all links, prompts for each individual one - very annoying.
  • Thank you so much.
    It was very useful to me.
  • هذا البرنامج جيد جدا.... شكراااااا لكم
  • I tried to download 30 pdf documents from a webpage. This add-on started to download over 400 useless files in a few seconds. I have no idea why.
  • This extension worked for me to download a bunch of .svg files, but needs improvement.
    In particular, always saves into [User]\Downloads folder: a choice must be given to the User to select the destination directory.

    Also, a context menu option to recall the download selection window would be welcome.

    Thanks for your work, Keep it up!
  • Sehr gut
  • No option to download all desired links at once (like DownThemAll used to) - for every file, a separate Save window opens.
  • Excellent tool. Can download the large version of instagram jpg and mp4 too.
  • The AddOn is cool! Thank you developer Startpage24! It shows image thumbnails!
    Earlier I wrote: "The addon doesn't understand non-Latin latters, writes spaces instead of non-Latin latters in the file names", but there is another problem. When I press "Download NN files" button, there are as many dialogs as there are files, and the file names in these dialogs are not correct: they like '(-). Jpg'.
    This happens when the radio button "Determin filenames" is set to "Let firefox determin the filenames".
    When the "Determin filenames" radio button is set to "Ask for each file for a filename", the filenames are correct, but there are 100500 dialogs, man?! And can I save all the files to my folder, that was asked only one time for all checked files together? "Ask for one folder name for all files" not working or I don't know how to use it. Nothing happens when I press "Download NN files" button and specify the full path to my folder.
    And second problem: selecting many files. Can you add ability to select several files, that folow one to another, at a time, as it is done, for example, in Windows Explorer, when with Shift key it selects a range of file names?
  • It's a great download tool. The feature I like best it that you can see thumbnails of all images in a page inside the Image Downloads window. And you can open an image in a New Tab if you click on an image thumbnail. I gave 4 stars because: The main window is not dockable or resizeable. It doesn't remain opened, it closes when you click elsewhere. Thumbnail window has scrolling bugs, some artifacts and ghost images appear.
  • good
  • In the old version you could choose where you wanted to download your files to. In this version that option is no longer there. Could you please bring that back?
    Thank you
  • The best media downloader!