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  • Great feature - Change threshold - ignore changes less than characters
  • .
  • I use this add-on a lot and it works better than any alternatives I have tried. Any chance it will be converted to a webextension ?
  • Ottimo addon
  • 一直在用这个插件,会及时把常用的网站的更新信息显示出来,这样就不用经常打开看了,节省了时间。可是现在firefox升级到57以后,不兼容了。找不到可以替代的插件,期盼作者能够更新!
  • You can't make it change more often than once every 5 minutes.
    Why should the developer care how often I scan a page? Why should he care if my computer slows down (which it won't!)?

    Also, I have no idea what happens when a page changes. That is to say, almost nothing about this routine is documented. I want the page to refresh when it changes, but can't find any option that controls what happens other than playing a sound.

    The gui's are nice, but, again, without doc, difficult for me to figure out. I don't want to play with something to learn how it works. I want to read how it works.
  • Super Addon, aber langsam ist es Zeit gekommen, ein Update für Firefox 57 ruszubringen!!!
  • Cool
  • My main tool in the browser. It is unfortunate that the tool does not work with Firefox 57.
  • Generally works very well and is extremely useful. With certain websites, it seems to regularly pick up 'ghost' updates when nothing visible has actually changed. Also, a means to log in on different devices to make it easier for multiple users to work together in monitoring websites, rather than awkwardly co-ordinating what has been read, would be extremely useful and make this a perfect add-on.
  • Really useful, but can't be enabled on Firefox 57 ( all legacy add-on are disabled and can't be used ). Regards
  • I need something like this to scan 1000 pages a day for any changes. Looks like it ll do the job we ll see
  • this scanner is checking the page every 5 mins as the lowest, I want to scan a page every 1 min, is it possible to do that, if yes how ?
  • Very useful add-on. I hope it will work with FF 57+
  • Great app!
  • I love this app.
  • Feedback
  • Love this tool.
  • I love this add-on and use it daily on webpages where content is not only added but also removed.

    When that happens it does pick up that the page changed, but the "Changes" view cannot pick up what's missing from the "Old page".

    Would be great if those could be shown stricked through and/or with a red background, similar to the additions beeing highlited in yellow
  • Hello!
    Likely this extension doesn't work with Cyrillic name sites (
    Pls fix it.
  • Most websites now have Ads that change several times daily, this means that you will get "false positive" updates.

    If we could manually select which parts of a page we want to check for changes, then this addon would become far, far more useful

    As is, it's better than nothing, which is infinitely better than nothing, but it's not perfect regarding features.
  • You can set the refresh interval to 1 Minute, but it always goes back to 5 Minutes which is way too long for my purpose. Any chance, that you implement shorter custom invals like Dsitill Web Monitor?

    Or a short cut for manual checking so that i could make a macro for my keyboard.
  • Continue with your good work!