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  • You can't monitor parts of a page. There are false alarms because other advertisements have been loaded into the page.
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    Mann kann keine Teile einer Seite überwachen. So gibt es Fehlalarme, weil andere Werbung in die Seite geladen wurde.
  • used to be great. not now. new version deleted all my scan pages. no way to recover. no help available. do not use. do not support.
  • This is a great add-on. The only thing I would ask is the chance to put the sidebar list in alphabetical order rather than newest added first. If you end up with a lot of sites that you are trying to monitor, you may end up adding the same site twice and not be able to delete the copy. PLEASE!
  • I can't get this to work. Most of the time I click the icon, I get a blank drop down window.
  • Lack of features. Can't choose a specified item of web-page by DOM. Can't set delay in seconds between web-page checks. Can't specify random delay also. Etc...
  • That's quite perfect, only missing thing is higher checking frequency.
    What about introducing checking frequency up to 5s or at least 30s?

    Thanks Pete!
  • estou iniciando uso agora...?
  • Please, make so that this addon make a simple request (GET) to some user defined URL to trigger any user`s procedure (when a webpage is updated).
  • Works as advertised. Sometimes sites with very active side-bars can fool it, so the only feature I'd add is to be able to "train" it what sections of a web page it should care about.