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  • This is a great add-on. The only thing I would ask is the chance to put the sidebar list in alphabetical order rather than newest added first. If you end up with a lot of sites that you are trying to monitor, you may end up adding the same site twice and not be able to delete the copy. PLEASE!
  • I can't get this to work. Most of the time I click the icon, I get a blank drop down window.
  • Lack of features. Can't choose a specified item of web-page by DOM. Can't set delay in seconds between web-page checks. Can't specify random delay also. Etc...
  • That's quite perfect, only missing thing is higher checking frequency.
    What about introducing checking frequency up to 5s or at least 30s?

    Thanks Pete!
  • estou iniciando uso agora...?
  • Please, make so that this addon make a simple request (GET) to some user defined URL to trigger any user`s procedure (when a webpage is updated).
  • Works as advertised. Sometimes sites with very active side-bars can fool it, so the only feature I'd add is to be able to "train" it what sections of a web page it should care about.
  • looks pretty good
  • So far, working. But please, remove the "Can't see your scan list? Upgrade to Update Scanner 4". Ok, I understood there's a paying upgraded version of this addon, now you can remove it, it's annoying, and its clutters the view in the side panel.

    Edit: yes, I have very few item in the list, but it's still distracting.
    That message should only show up if you have very few items in the list. If you still see it with more than five pages added to the sidebar, please raise an issue at https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues