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  • Have used this add on for many years. The latest update really slows you down. Very disappointed in this update.
    Performance has been improved in v4.2.1, see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/191.
  • It was better before.

    Now - unfortunately all time there are`nt two very important functions:
    • Scan only the selected folders or pages
    • Add new pages by dragging an address to the selected folder

    I am waiting patiently for these functions.
    Scanning individual pages from the sidebar is on the way- see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/123. The drag and drop feature is a good idea, please raise it on the issues page https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues
  • I cannot set the code. The pages which use code big5 (a kind of Chinese code) show mess. Please fix the problem. Thank you very much.
    This is a known issue, see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/136. Fixing this is a priority, but I don't have a lot of time at the moment.
  • it doesn't keep the sites to watch after update to ffx 57 - everything is deleted!
    Yes, you need to import your sites manually. Please open the sidebar and follow the instructions.
  • This is one of my must have extensions. Especially useful for sites that don't have an RSS feed.
  • it doesn't work.
  • Great extension.
    The only problem is opening the changes in the same tab and not in separate tabs
    Middle clicking on the item in the sidebar opens it in a new tab.
  • Have used Update Scanner happily for many many years and have had problems getting to grips with this update. What a shame as it was a wonderful useful add-on to FF.

    Not happy initially with the changes. At first, having imported all my Update Scanner Bookmarks, I had a sidebar showing over 200 items all saying 'New Page'. By uninstalling and reinstalling that seems to have been rectified. However, seem to have lost all identification of changes on pages that I hadn't reviewed. Now have to start all over again.

    Disappointed to lose the option to right click and ask Update Scanner to scan a page.
    Sorry the import didn't work for you. Please try again and raise an issue at https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/ if it's still not working.

    Scanning individual pages is coming - see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/123
  • Comparing the Update Scanner for FF57, as of 21Nov17, with its predecessor: I much prefer the old version. The new version opens sites in a page of its own, with a name like "moz-extension://f79626ca- etc. etc.". If you click on a link in the page it no longer works; on seeing a list of changed files, you can't click on any of them. This is a major issue for me.

    It was convenient, with the sidebar opened, to click there to scan all pages. There may be ways round these issues, but they're not obvious. A nuisance, not major. I usually scan manually, setting the automatic scan to once weekly.

    As many have commented, the scanner often reports pages to have been changed when there is no visible change; I expect that is unavoidable due to the nature of the pages, but is a nuisance.

    On balance I still find the current version better than nothing; in particular I have a list of sites to remind me which to check. But it's got worse.
  • -1 Star: had to search for my old update scanner bookmarks
    -1 Star: and now i go manually through all ~200 pages again to define how often i want to upate them.
    -1 Star: day, week, manually... dind't you forget the month? Event calenders sometimes change per month...
    (really let us define when we want to check it! (re)Update this back to where we could choose any number of days.)

    Firefox can be happy that opera is harder to customize for treestyle tab. There was a day i wanted to switch.
  • The new version does not play nicely with other extensions & open tabs and has become very inefficient. It's hogging all the Firefox 57 cpu cycles so Firefox and every page I have open is unresponsive while its running. Once it finishes (after 15 minutes now instead of 90 sec) everything is back to normal. While its updating, Firefox become completely unusable. I don't like the new menu - there's not enough control. And upgrading was a pain, with having to export & reimport which seems unnecessarily pointless.
    Performance has been improved in v4.2.1, see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/191.

    The WebExtension upgrade process was a bit of a pain, but unfortunately the new Firefox APIs don't allow full access to bookmarks, so a reimport was the easiest way to do the upgrade.
  • It was my best add-on but the new version is more-more worse. Not working all webpages with other languages. There are no small menu icons upper the sidebare. I'm sorry but searching other add-ons.
    This is a known issue, see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/136. Fixing this is a priority, but I don't have a lot of time at the moment.
  • It's soooo goooood. Thank you!
  • New version don't work on russian sites.
    Now you addon is useless for me.
    This is a known issue, see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/136. Fixing this is a priority, but I don't have a lot of time at the moment.
  • This new version is a mess in FF Quantum. It's inconvenient to use and not reliable. This feature is so important to me that I'll have to change browser soon unfortunately.
  • On ne peut plus lancer la mise à jour manuellement.
    Si on surveille une page avec login (ex : forum), la page reste bloqué à la page d'identificattion.
    Impossible de mettre à jour une page qui n'a pas déjà été scannée, je ne comprends plus du tout ce nouveau fonctionnement.
    J'ai eu du mal à récupérer mes favoris mais c'est fait, ouf !
    En tout cas, l'appli fait le minimum : surveiller les pages sans flux RSS, et cela me convient ^^
  • the last version was good , this new version of firefox sound that is have made the developer in hurry to keep it compatible .
    i'm missing the functionality and the ability to LUNCH THE SCAN MANUALLY !!!
    Scanning individual pages from the sidebar is on the way- see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/123
  • автор постоянно навязывает свое мнение что сканировать чаще чем раз в 5 минут плохо, для моих целей мне необходимо сканировать страницу не реже чем раз в минуту, в старых версиях можно было это выставить вручную, в новой версии такую возможность я найти не могу, вынужден установить старую версию,( этим приложением пользуюсь втечении 5лет ежедневно) если возможность более частого сканирования не будет востановленна я буду вынужден искать альтернативные варианты

    the author constantly imposes his opinion that it is bad to scan more than once every 5 minutes, for my purposes I need to scan the page at least once a minute, in old versions it could be manually set, in a new version I can not find such an opportunity, I have to install old version, (I use this app for 5 years every day) if the possibility of more frequent scanning is not restored, I will be forced to search for alternatives
  • I have used the Update Scanner for 5+ years. It is indespensible for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest announcements in Computer Technologies and programs. I check over 400 web sites every day!
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  • Will this addon support WebExtension and Firefox 57+?