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  • Needs faster refresh rate.
    I use it for internal resources and 5 minutes is way too long sometimes. I would like the minimum to be at least 1 minute, 30 seconds even better.
  • Want to say thank you to sneakypete81 for creating a great addon like this! The addon saved me a lot of time!
  • I have an idea: search by keywords. Do only search for the text or numbers you want to change. This is convenient when you follow the price change. The current settings give a lot of false positives.

    У меня есть идея: поиск по ключевым словам. Сделать поиск изменений только у нужного текста или цифр. Это удобно, когда следишь за изменением цены. Текущие настройки дают много ложных срабатываний.
  • My updates are not highlighted. How do I get them to be highlighted?
  • Thanks Love what you've created. I posted this on GitHub a while ago, but didn't receive a reply. Would appreciate a reply.

    Loving this add-on. Thanks for developing it. I can see a similar question has been asked before but I think my request is slightly different.

    I have two PCs and I wondered if there's a way that when I've clicked on the UpdateScanner link and visited the site on PC1, this 'state' could by synced across to another PC - PC2? My thinking is to use something like DropBox and use a symbolic link in DB to wherever the 'changed state' is stored on PC1 and then DropBox it to PC2. Appreciate your thoughts. I know the symbolic link idea works as I use it for other synced data on my PC that lives outside DB - I just need to know if the changed state is stored in a folder somewhere?
  • many sites i watch have high lighted text and does not show the actual page correctly. Kinda annoying and does not fit my needs. I know it used to back in the day. As of its current state i have no use for it. No point in using it if it only displays SOME pages that stay in tact and others looking like a scrambled list. No options for page display.
  • Are Update Scanner settings synchronized?
  • Does this let you monitor web sites that need a password?.
  • I use this Addon to follow updates one Software websites and the massive number of webcomics I read. The menu for the check options could be a bit more accessible. I would really like to have a version for Firefox on Android. I already sync my bookmarks, sadly I cannot check for updates on the items in the Update-Scanner folder.
  • I have been using this addon for a long time. I understand that ff changed its paradigm and so this addon had to as well. However, as other users have noted, it just kind of stopped working at all lately. I go to the site I have it check and there are major changes, but it always says no changes when run. I would love to give this five stars, but 3 for this current iteration, out of hope.
    Please report problems to https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues
  • I get on and off problems with this potent app. Most recently, it has essentially stopped functioning and I get the message "We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Would you like to proceed to legacy Twitter" when I try to open a scanned Twitter link. And it seems to work intermittently at best regardless of what I have fed into it. I think the problems arise when Firefox is updated.

    Please make it a stand-alone downloadable app that can be used with any browser. Please let me contribute to the design of the format and help with the Beta testing and marketing. Thank you If interested please acknowledge on the developer's homepage and I will email my thoughts.
  • Fantastisch, spart unglaublich Zeit beim Checken von Websites auf Updates.
  • This extension does an excellent job of ensuring I know about changes to important web sites and full marks to sneakypete for updateing it to be compatible with the newest firefox changes.
  • I am japanese. Sorry broken English.

    I have Fire Fox 56.

    Older versions can not overwrite new versions.

    Can I transfer data from old version to new version?

    If you can, please tell me how to transfer the data.
    Save your bookmarks as a .JSON file, then click the Update Scanner arrow icon, choose "Menu" then "restore".
  • 5 stelle semplicemente perché è indispensabile
  • Thank you very much for this new version.

    Would it be possible on Mac OS (no middle click), when clicking on a website with detected changes, to open the page in a new tab?
    Middle click an item in the sidebar to open it in a new page. Please raise an issue to enable cmd-click behaviour (or whatever the usual MacOS method is)