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  • This used to be a great FF addon. Now it has a memory leak that drags my computer to a halt. Can't use it anymore. And the delete button has been taken away.

    @SneakyPete Thanks for fixing the memory leak issue.
    Any chance you can add a Delete button to the top banner, where the settings icon and "View Changes" drop down are?
    Thank you.
    Performance has been improved in v4.2.1, see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/191
  • there are no buttons anymore to add or manage the content being updated.
  • La exensión más útil que he usado, llevo años con ella
  • Works fine so far with Firefox Quantum (58.0.2) and AddOn version 4.2.0.
    The problem:
    you cannot delete a page from the UpdateScanner list, when you don't need a page to be longer in this list.
    The page settings don't have any delete option :-(
    Right click an item in the sidebar and choose delete.
  • Still using 3.3.2

    A pity it isn't possible to modify the default interval setting (or couldn't find it)
  • * Previous version is better
    * It would be more convenient if the ' Scan All Pgae ' button is outside.
    * Please correct the error problem of Korean web page.
    * Please modify search interval.
    30/60 seconds / 120 seconds ...
  • So glad to have this on my phone
  • Let us set 15/30/60/120 second intervals
  • This Is Fantastic! This Is Awesome! I'm a Sweeper and I enter over 600 Dailys, but I also need to monitor 1000s of sites for changes to find more sweeps to enter. So far I have tested with approximately 100 sites, waited 24 hours and sure enough-Update Scanner detected a change on every page. The affect on the browser resources is unnoticable, even though this is Firefox.

    I highly recommend this add-on to everyone.

    What I would like to see in future releases:
    -Adding New items directly to Folders
    -Duplicate detection
    -Set Global Settingsas well as Individual Settings

    I am receiving error messages or no textual content at all from
    Active Server Pages(asp) when using Update Scanner. Examples include:

    OK, I believe in my extreme use I should expect a hit on resources and performance
    to Firefox. So I now am requesting additional features:
    -Run when the browser is idle
    -A Pause option, instead of having to Disable
  • looking forward to get updated to Quantum Firefox versions. Hope will be updated soon.
  • 用网页更新后打开更新了的网页,大部分网页打开后汉字乱码,可以更新改正吗
  • Cant' turn off popup notification in this webex version.
    Found out by accident that the keyboard shortcut to toggle the sidebar is Alt-U
  • Troppo pesante
  • Is there any way to return to the previous platform. I've used your application, if you're the original owner, for years. It is nearly worthless to me now.....but maybe that was the plan. We wouldn't want the sheeple to have effective tools. I apologize if you're the original designer but this new version was a bad move.
    You can still use the old addon version if you install Firefox ESR v52. Unfortunately Firefox versions above v56 no longer support old-style addons
  • This app was amazing... until the most recent update which essentially made it really hard to use. Bummed... I just want the old version back.
    You can still use the old addon version if you install Firefox ESR v52. Unfortunately Firefox versions above v56 no longer support legacy addons.
  • It is potentially useful, but was better before. The update was not a good choice. I cannot see and show updated pages instantly with one click when I get more than about 20 new websites (I cannot see the "show all updates" (or something like this)). I hope it gets another update, and I am sure it will be good one again.
    Click the tool bar icon and select "show all updates"
  • update deleted all the pages I was monitoring. NO, I don't monitor ALL my bookmarks, nor do I bookmark all pages I was monitoring. I heads up would have been the decent thing to do since you knew what this update was going to do - or just ensure all the detail wasn't blown away. .Hope this isn't your profession. You'll never get another dime out of me.

    Interesting how you are taking time off just as you make this live. Again, don't quit your day job.
  • Have used this add on for many years. The latest update really slows you down. Very disappointed in this update.
    Performance has been improved in v4.2.1, see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/191.
  • It was better before.

    Now - unfortunately all time there are`nt two very important functions:
    • Scan only the selected folders or pages
    • Add new pages by dragging an address to the selected folder

    I am waiting patiently for these functions.
    Scanning individual pages from the sidebar is on the way- see https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues/123. The drag and drop feature is a good idea, please raise it on the issues page https://github.com/sneakypete81/updatescanner/issues