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  • easy to install. works perfectly on my macbook pro.
  • Works great. only issue I encountered so far is with RTL (right to left) websites.
  • Works perfect. Remember to follow the instructions of clearing your "browser.gesture.pinch" settings or it wont work. Also remember the addon wont work on addons.mozilla.org
  • Did exactly what it says. FINALLY I can zoom while surfing the net on my phone. Brilliant!
  • Doesn't work for me, firefox keep using the standard zoom based on percentage (not smooth).
    Please let me know if there are updates.
    PS. The "browser.gesture.pinch" are all settled as default

    Thank you for the support!
    I'm sorry to write here, please let me know if there are better ways to comunicate.

    I'm using Windows 10, with the last Firefox version available.
    here is the status of the browser.pinch.*:

    _in; modified; string; empty;
    _in.shift; modified; string; empty;
    _latched; default; boolean; false
    _pinch.out; modified; string; empty;
    _out.shift; modified; string; empty;
    _threshold; int; 0
    The browser.gesture.pinch.* settings should be set to empty, if there's anything in there that could be causing your issue.
    What operating system are you using Firefox on?
  • Thanks, this works really well. If only the author could add two finger double click zoom just like in Safari it'd be perfect.
  • This module makes Firefox great ! But I ran into some isses - some websites do not support the zoom - once, I got the message "We do not support Internet explorer anymore". Sometimes, the website becomes unreadable while usiing the touch-zoom (MacOS, last v of Firefox).
  • Works as intended (mimics chrome & safari), not like the Ctrl +/-