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  • Extremly useful. Very easy to use
  • The one missing feature which was stopping me moving back from Chrome. I pinch zoom all the time - thanks for the hard work!
  • For those that don't understand the value of this plugin, it zooms at the location of your cursor just like a mobile browser would with pinch-zoom.
    By default, Firefox desktop will zoom to the top of the page as if that make sense somehow.
  • Been working with chrome for past so many years, finally decided to move to mozilla after realising the lesser load put by 100+ tabs on the system. But was missing out on the smart zoom feature supported by chrome. This app made it work for me and i am happy, i am definitely continuing with mozilla now. Thanks to the dev.
  • Excellent add-on ! Don't even try to think about not using it ;)
    Although I've got a little problem, when I use Facebook and I want to zoom, it works but when I zoom back, all the page is "broken" and isn't readable. When I reload the page it's okay, but it is annoying. Is someone as the same problem ? Is there a solution ?
  • I'll try to survive reading with it, Thank you for the great feature.
  • Thank you very much! Jokes aside, this was one of the things that kept me going back to Chrome on macOS
  • the idea is great! I don't use Firefox only because of this pinch zoom problem.. this extension doesm't work well for me, sometimes uses the standard zoom. I'm only waiting for mozilla to add this feature... 😭
  • I have replied to the email I got, as I didn't found any other way to reply
    I've tested youtube but seems to be zooming ok for me – what's going wrong for you?
  • There is a problem when I turn YouTube into full screen mode to watch video, please check
    Hey I've checked but it's working ok for me. What version of Firefox are you using?
  • Great feature, but would like the zoom speed to be faster, as it requires more effort than I would like. Otherwise awesome add-on!
  • This should be included by default in Firefox