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  • Wow, I seriously did not expect this to work this well! Excellent and essential.
  • Thanks for your continued development. I have and HP Spectre x360 and touch performance is great.
  • Finally there's an extension that can really solve the issue for Firefox for Mac!!! Awesome Job!
  • Works as promised! The lack of pinch-to-zoom feature is what deters me from using FireFox. This add-on works pretty well. But the zooming is still not as smooth as in Microsoft Edge. It's better, but still not as good. Also the scrolling only supports horizontal or vertical, but not with an angle.
  • Works like a treat. It is a perfect replacement for the zoom feature Mac users get in Safari and Chrome. I have tried multiple Firefox pinch to zoom addons over the years, but they just weren't the same. This addon has brought me back to Firefox from Chrome. Very happy!
  • Didn't work? not sure why. Default zoom behavior is still present.
  • Works really well on most pages, would be useful if it would ignore html scale options.
  • Works well on my Windows laptop with an multitouch capable ALPS touchpad.

    However, this addon disables the "zoom progress indicator" thingy that Firefox has inside the URL bar, on the far right.

    It would be handy to keep this feature enabled.

    It it even possible ?

  • After further testing, it works on some pages but not all. It work on CNN, but not on Nagios status page for example. But on the pages it does work on, it seems to work pretty well.
    It should work on FF58 on macOS, where did you test it? It cannot be used while browsing the addons site because Firefox disables addons while on the addons site.

    It should work everywhere else on the internet however
  • Wow! The lack of this kind of zooming was one of the big reasons I did not want to switch to Firefox. Thank you for including this! If there was a way to adjust sensitivity, I'd appreciate it.
  • Seems to work just like smooth pinch-to-zoom on Chrome. May be no going back :)
  • Good! but...
    No compatible for "Google Maps" and "PDF Viewer".
    When that working, all things was black out.(in the window)
    I want to settings exclude list.
  • Not smooth at all.
  • Developer forgot to Mention is for MAC OS only, as of V0.5 works with shift + scroll however some pages (websites) don't work
  • Thank you! This is the only thing Firefox was missing on macOS!
  • Great proof-of-concept. Hopefully will be implemented and optimized for an upcoming Firefox release!