156 reviews
  • I don't understand why the browser doesn't include it natively, thank you very much sir.
  • So is amazing!!!
  • Perfect, just like in Safari. Thank you
  • This add-on is not working with Firefox on Manjaro Linux 18.0.1.
  • Quite smooth. But too sensitive in the built in pdf viewer
  • Works like a charm on my Mac!

    Thank you for making the last obstacle in leaving the Evil Empire browser gone!

    But please note that *you have to read and follow information in "about this extension" section*!
  • Works on my Arch+KDE install. Thanks.
  • I couldn't believe my eyes when this addon actually worked as advertised, and with no performance issues. Amazing what you made possible with JS.
  • Doesn't work with touchscreens at all. Causes issues with sites such as Reddit (when opening a subreddit cannot scroll (either with touchscreen, touchpad or keyboard), have to disable extension). Please make this work with touchscreens, I'll gladly donate!!
  • When I zoom on Facebook and scroll, my chats are fixed on the screen and don't scroll down with the window.
  • This extension does exactly what it says, enables smooth zooming with trackpad gestures.

    But I noticed an issue while zoomed in: when using Control-Command-D to show a definition of a selected/hovered word, the word selected is incorrect.