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  • Works as expected, smooth zooming like with Safari. This is the kind of add-on which should be bundled with Firefox
  • Tried it out on Windows 10 and this is it. I can finally have Trackpad and touch screen pinch zoom on Firefox!
  • does NOT work in conjunction with firefox own zoom function. If there was a way to disable the browsers own pinch zoom then it would probably work right.
    Hey, this is because the Firefox's pinch gesture has been mapped to page zoom – this shouldn't normally be set by default but it's possible it got changed somehow. To fix it go to about:config (in the url bar), search for "browser.gesture.pinch" and reset those fields to default (right click -> reset). Then it should work :)
  • Just incredibly awesome! Love your work and more importantly, your enthusiasm to solve something basic that was much needed by a lot of people for a long time..
    I'm happy to hear you like it, thank you :)!
  • doesn't work at all.
    I think a recent Firefox update has broken it. I’ll see if it can be reenabled
  • Good. Work as expected.
  • This extension fixes the one issue which was keeping me from switching from chrome to firefox.
  • It works quite well, sometimes glitches, but this can be fixed by using ctrl+0
  • this should be a core feature
  • I've been needing this feature for a long time; it was the only thing stopping me from switching to Firefox on my Surface. Thank you so much!
  • It's... smooth!
  • Fantastic, with this addon, Firefox behaives like a real touch Browser!

    Fantastisch, mit diesem Addon verhält sich Firefox wie ein echter Touch-Browser!
  • Did not expect this to work as well as chrome. I was wrong :)
  • Crazy that we have to use an addon to get a basic functionality that other browsers have for years.
    But still: This works great and is really a game changer for us tablet users (works also on windows now).
    Thank you very much!
  • Great little feature that made using Firefox with the Surface Book 2 that much more enjoyable. It's not as smooth or granular as the zoom in Edge, but it's miles ahead of what Firefox has on its own.
  • This add-on has made Firefox usable for me. I wasn't able to leave GC behind because I needed the same zoom functionality for accessibility. Now that this add-on has greatly improved how smooth the scrolling is, I'll be switching to Firefox! Thanks for the great work!
  • amazing, it just works. both touch screen and touchpad work. Touch screen is very smooth zoom. but touch pad is not as smooth. thank you. [HP SPECTRE X360]