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  • turn the setting, in about:config, apz.allow_zooming to false if in true it does not work, before trying this.
  • Works perfectly on 2019 MacBook Pro - great stuff
  • the addon often breaks websites like reddit.com or twitter.com when i try to zoom in. sometimes i accidentally zoom even though it wasn't my attention and when that happens i need to reconcile with the fact my scrolling soon will be over, which makes me really upset.
  • Breaks a lot of websites for me. instagram, reddit, marktplaats.nl all have problems where if I used the pinch zoom and zoom back out the page is white and have to refresh to get it back. I did reset all the "browser.gesture.pinch" settings
    I don't want to discourage the dev of this addon by leaving a bad review but it's just not working.

    edit in response of answer:
    thank you for that tip. this works a lot better for me.
    Fortunately a native pinch zoom has recently arrived behind a config flag. Try disabling this plugin and setting apz.allow_zooming to true
  • Fonctionne très bien. On l'attendait! Merci au développeur génial!
  • Funciona perfecta muchas gracias por la extensión
  • Followed instructions and works perfectly. Hoping no security issues arise but apart from that, brilliant work.