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  • Best,but sometimes freezing,can u look at it bro..
  • Nice plugin.
    I have been having some issues for a while now.

    Its specific to youtube in Ubuntu. It does not zoom in/out the whole page for me but just the text.
    I tried running the firefox without any plugins (safe mode), the youtube zooms out fine.

    I am having similar issues with google in Windows.
  • I like the app only it doesn't work correctly on msn home page.
  • This complement is not compatible with microsoft e-mail service https://outlook.office.com/owa.
    When trying to create a new e-mail or to replay one, a blank window opens without any possibility to write, edit or send a new message. I was going around this problem for weeks and using other browsers to send e-mails. Finally I discover that disabling Zoom Page WE, the problem was solved completely. In was a wasting of time.
    The latest version of Zoom Page WE should now work with the latest beta version of the Microsoft e-mail service.
  • This add on has been very helpful. Like how easy it is to use.
  • Updating this review after a year. I've recently had to go back to version 13.5 as the latest version of ZP-WE causes a big lag when bringing up websites (I'm using Firefox V 66.0.3). New pages have a blank white page for up to 5 seconds with the v. 13.6. Going back to 13.5 has fixed the problem.
    This problem is fixed in Zoom Page WE 10.3.
  • I have the same problem as the user below. After installing the latest version, the first tab zooms in and out without the RMB held down. Since I have this feature already in Foxy Gestures, I disabled them by turn and can confirm that the problem is definitely coming from Zoom Page WE.

    In my case, I simply unchecked that option in Zoom Page WE as I have no use for it.
    This problem is fixed in Zoom Page WE 10.3.
  • I'm hunched over a laptop, so the ability to automatically zoom text (including e-mails) in FireFox makes this extension pretty essential for me. The developer is also really good at keeping up with support.
  • So far it worked quite well, but right now the Text-only zoom is broken in version 9.0 on my Firefox ESR 52.6.0 (64 bit Ubuntu 16.04) on some pages - e.g. novinky.cz.

    Maybe the cause is the new implementation using lower-priority style adjusting font size in cascade than the one set by the page unlike original implementation?

    Downgrade to 8.2 helped for now.

    UPDATE: Version 9.1 is still broken
    Fixed in Version 10.0. This reverts to the Version 8.2 code which is faster and more reliable than the Version 9.1 code. Also adds Right+Wheel zooming and fixes a few bugs in Autofit.
  • Doesn't work
    Firefoz 59.0.2
    no options just does what a scroll wheel does anyway
    Zoom Page WE has many options and many different zoom features. On the Firefox main menu bar, select Tools > Add-ons, and then click on the Options button for Zoom Page WE.
  • Can't save setting as per page.
    All you have to do is click on the Zoom Page WE toolbar button, to open the popup, and then click on the zoom +/- buttons or select a specific zoom level from the drop-down menu. The new zoom level is automatically remembered for that website (providing you are using the Per-Site zoom mode).
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  • This add-on was causing some Web sites to display improperly, with large black or white areas displacing what should have been showing on the page!
    Please provide a link to a website where this happens. Were you using Full Zoom or Text Zoom? Did you have Minimum Font Size applied?
  • Perfect for what I need. Global zoom like NoSquint used to do. This is a much better extension.
  • Hello,

    Although the add on works mostly correctly, please add an option for keeping the settings by DOMAIN, not by SITE.

    The SITE option is useless, as it refers to each different page under a site. It should keep the same settings for a whole domain, or at least we should have that option. Otherwise we need to adjust the size every time we visit a new article/page on a site.


    Thanks for the response, and forgive me for insisting. What is the point then of the site option with the current status of the web? I will just put an example:
    You go to https://slashdot.org/ and set your custom zoom settings. Fine.
    Now you click on any article at all, you are still on slashdot but the address is https://tech.slashdot.org/story/. You have just lost your custom zoom settings.

    So, what is the point? Is there a technical limitation that prevents the setting by whole domain and subdomain?

    Thanks a lot for your work, and for answering.
    In Per-Site zoom mode, for 'http:' and 'https: pages, Zoom Page WE remembers zoom settings by the domain name (but not by the sub-domain). For 'file:' and 'about:' pages, Zoom Page WE remembers zoom settings using the full URL.
  • 1. Allow to changed text and background colours

    2. Allow to disable or enable background image

    3. Allow to changed the colours of non-visited and visited links.

    Thanks in advance!
  • zoom level resets to 100 quite frequently when browsing within a single domain

    *edit: reply to dev's comment: I don't use clear recent history. the reset occurs while browsing & doing nothing else.
    Thanks for the clarification. This could be caused by another add-on conflicting with Zoom Page WE.

    How often does this happen? When does it happen? While you are browsing a page, or only when you re-open a page?

    Please email your reply to: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • Could you please ,

    ● make settings possible to work on specific pages via the regular expression ?

    ● make the full zoom and text zoom possible to work at the same time ?

    ● make settings possible to be exported and imported ?