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  • Works like a charm.
  • Great and easy way to zoom into pages on your browser.
  • Option to automatically zoom down pages to look like on hd monitor on smaller resolutions would be nice (css independant). Such as: 1366x768 scaled from 1920x1080
  • Great way to zoom in on pages and even customize your browser! Thanks
  • Работает нормально без проблем..
  • Thanks DW-dev, this is a great addon.
    The only issue is that on many sites it is causing the warning that it is slowing firefox, please solve this for us. Cheers mate :)
    EDIT: Please solve this issue..it's very annoying! Slowing down many pages...don't understand why the dev isn't even answering to anything in here...really hate it when this happens from developers.
  • works alright with firefox 57 32 and/or 64 provided one doesn't tinker with the optional settings or else the behaviour becomes totally random. So, if you want to have a fixed zoom (page and text) on all websites, do untick all unnecessary boxes (like autofit, CSS, image scaling...). That done, it is ok and you get (at long last) this most useful option back again on firefox 57.
    and btw, beware of other zoom page extensions: one of them (rebranding of a very famous one) is ripe with scamware, installing the infamous yahoo search option that you can get rid of only by uninstalling entirely firefox, deleting its folders, cleaning the registry and reinstall it from scratch. Gross.

    BUT: after a few hours, I discovered (sadly) that this extension stole the focus on google search to install the Russian Yandex search module. And as usual, same crap: you have to uninstall the extension then clean completely firefox, meaning uninstalling it and reinstalling it from scratch (same old story).
    Zoom Page WE does not install the Russian Yandex search or anything else.
  • Great add-on! I love how much you can customize things for FF57. Nice work
  • Does what it says it would do perfectly. Been using it for a month now and so far everything has been working smoothly. No blurred lines of anything, and it's not painful for the eyes.
  • using FF 57.0 I had high CPU and script errors flashing up and generally slow with annoying cpu FAST fan running. Have changed to FF58.0B6 and all problems have gone. Maybe the problems are firefox's rather than WE 7.2. Can others try it and report here?
  • I'm glad this got ported to a WebExtension. Mozilla has made it hard for add-on developers.
  • When I load html pages which are on my computer (created by me) the extension does NOT remember settings for them.
  • does what it says
  • it does not allow me to retain different settings for different sites. it is terrible so that begs the question why has zoom been changed from the old efficient method. i switched back to firefox 55.0.3 so that i can use zoom page 15.8. this situation is terrible and should not be tolerated
  • Being visually disabled Zoom Page has been an essential aid for me for many years. I could not do without it. Unfortunately the new version seems harder to use, so I went back to FF 52.

    The plus/minus buttons showing next to the current magnification level are what I need.
  • I installed this plugin into my Mozilla (v57.0, 64 bit) and it does not work.
  • It works more or less as replacement for the old ZoomPage addon, but one thing is missing: It's no longer possible to show large images entirely on the screen. For example this picture
    would need a zoom level below 30% on my screen. There should be a button to automatically chose the correct zoom level so that the complete image is displayed.
  • Your add-on breaks the ability to show pictures such as JPG in the browser (direct link to a jpeg, in its own tab, not on a web page).

    Confirmed that the pics display correctly as soon as I disable Zoom Page WE, and break as soon as I re-enable it.

    When I look at the page information, Firefox reports that the picture is 0pt x 0pt big.

    Please fix (or remove "picture zoom" altogether, since this is not really why we install Zoom Page WE)