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  • Hello,

    Although the add on works mostly correctly, please add an option for keeping the settings by DOMAIN, not by SITE.

    The SITE option is useless, as it refers to each different page under a site. It should keep the same settings for a whole domain, or at least we should have that option. Otherwise we need to adjust the size every time we visit a new article/page on a site.


    Thanks for the response, and forgive me for insisting. What is the point then of the site option with the current status of the web? I will just put an example:
    You go to https://slashdot.org/ and set your custom zoom settings. Fine.
    Now you click on any article at all, you are still on slashdot but the address is https://tech.slashdot.org/story/. You have just lost your custom zoom settings.

    So, what is the point? Is there a technical limitation that prevents the setting by whole domain and subdomain?

    Thanks a lot for your work, and for answering.
    In Per-Site zoom mode, for 'http:' and 'https: pages, Zoom Page WE remembers zoom settings by the domain name (but not by the sub-domain). For 'file:' and 'about:' pages, Zoom Page WE remembers zoom settings using the full URL.
  • 1. Allow to changed text and background colours

    2. Allow to disable or enable background image

    3. Allow to changed the colours of non-visited and visited links.

    Thanks in advance!
  • zoom level resets to 100 quite frequently when browsing within a single domain

    *edit: reply to dev's comment: I don't use clear recent history. the reset occurs while browsing & doing nothing else.
    Thanks for the clarification. This could be caused by another add-on conflicting with Zoom Page WE.

    How often does this happen? When does it happen? While you are browsing a page, or only when you re-open a page?

    Please email your reply to: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • Could you please ,

    ● make settings possible to work on specific pages via the regular expression ?

    ● make the full zoom and text zoom possible to work at the same time ?

    ● make settings possible to be exported and imported ?
  • failed work on "sourceforge.net".
  • I love how easy it is to zoom in on certain pages, really makes a difference for people like me who have difficulty reading small print.
  • Works perfectly. Easily lets you zoom in and control how big you want the page to be without lagging.
  • Crashes Quantum 57.0.4 very frequently. Otherwise, I like the add-on. Too bad native default zoom isn't available yet.
  • Works like a charm.
  • Great and easy way to zoom into pages on your browser.
  • Option to automatically zoom down pages to look like on hd monitor on smaller resolutions would be nice (css independant). Such as: 1366x768 scaled from 1920x1080
  • Great way to zoom in on pages and even customize your browser! Thanks
  • Работает нормально без проблем..
  • Thanks DW-dev, this is a great addon.
    The only issue is that on many sites it is causing the warning that it is slowing firefox, please solve this for us. Cheers mate :)
    EDIT: Please solve this issue..it's very annoying! Slowing down many pages...don't understand why the dev isn't even answering to anything in here...really hate it when this happens from developers.
  • works alright with firefox 57 32 and/or 64 provided one doesn't tinker with the optional settings or else the behaviour becomes totally random. So, if you want to have a fixed zoom (page and text) on all websites, do untick all unnecessary boxes (like autofit, CSS, image scaling...). That done, it is ok and you get (at long last) this most useful option back again on firefox 57.
    and btw, beware of other zoom page extensions: one of them (rebranding of a very famous one) is ripe with scamware, installing the infamous yahoo search option that you can get rid of only by uninstalling entirely firefox, deleting its folders, cleaning the registry and reinstall it from scratch. Gross.

    BUT: after a few hours, I discovered (sadly) that this extension stole the focus on google search to install the Russian Yandex search module. And as usual, same crap: you have to uninstall the extension then clean completely firefox, meaning uninstalling it and reinstalling it from scratch (same old story).
    Zoom Page WE does not install the Russian Yandex search or anything else.