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  • Overall good. Suggested improvements:
    +/- (zoom-in/out) controls displayed on toolbar.
    Toolbar button popup should have a button to edit Options.
  • This extension is good, but I liked the old "Zoom Page" better, but it doesn't work with the current Firefox versions anymore.
    There you could set it to automatically select a zoom, which works much better than having to constantly set the zoom size itself.
    You can configure Zoom Page WE to automatically select a zoom level, just like the old Zoom Page, by enabling the 'Apply AutoFit when page loaded or browser resized' option.
  • I wanted to set a default zoom for all sites and this did the trick with no problems. You just have to go to the options in your Add Ons and change it to whatever you want. Thanks!
  • Awesome for resistFingerprinting users. Thanks for developing this!
  • It's compact. It works. I love it!
  • I use the non-WE version on Fx 52.9 ESR for a long time and it is great and a NECESSARY extension for anyone with a wide screen (24") monitor to control gigantic text that claims to be at 100% on many websites which apparently do not code for wide screen monitors. I zoom down to 67% on most websites. I need an extension that will remember my settings for each website and this extension (both non-WE and WE) does a fine job.

    I have the WE version 11.4 on Basilisk 2018/07/18 (64bit) and I had a similar problem to HIPUNK's in that I would recently get a popup from Zoom Page whenever starting Basilisk. It said I needed to change a setting in about:config which, like HIPUNK, I had done ages ago. This notice would appear right above the systray as Basilisk was loading. I could NOT click it away!! Closing Basilisk did not remove the notice. Restarting Basilisk did not help. Rebooting the computer (Windows 10 1709-16299.522) did not help as I was now getting that popup from this extension ON BOOT of the computer! ONLY a complete shutdown of the computer (this is a desktop on 24/7) and a later cold boot would remove that message.

    I came here in desperation because I cannot be without this extension and I like the WE version which has worked fine on Basilisk until a few weeks ago. I tried your suggestion to HIPUNK and it works!!! I did your suggestion yesterday so I can't be sure it will continue to work but so far, I have not had any popup, that I can't dismiss, about a setting for this extension that I fixed in about:config long ago. So, I will give you 4 stars and 5 later if this fix continues to work.
  • Great extension for page sizing! Much better than the other one I was using!

  • Version 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 are not applicable even if default full level is set to 80%.
    I am enlarging / reducing the font because I set the default zoom type to text.
    Since version 11.0 can fix the default zoom level to 80%, I am using version 11.0.

    Add on 09/07/2018.
    By setting the contents of the reply it was possible to use the same setting as version 11.0 can be used.
    In Version 11.0 and earlier versions, when using Text Zoom, the default full level was applied to non-text elements. This was quite restrictive and caused problems for some users.

    In Version 11.1 and later versions, when using Text Zoom, the default text level (other) is applied to non-text elements. This makes the default levels for Text Zoom independent of the default level for Full Zoom.

    If you want to make Version 11.1 or later versions work the same way as Version 11.0, then set the default text level (Other) to the same value as the default full level (All).
  • Absolutely perfect in function. So 5/5. However, since roughly Firefox version 59 I get notifications that I need to change some setting in about:config, which I've already done a long long time ago.
    That is quite distracting, because it happens roughly once per hour, even with the system warning tone! Please fix this. Until that is fixed I'll give you only 3/5.
    Feel free to reply to me if you need additional information like logs or whatever you might need.
    Yes, it does. 5/5!
    This message should only appear on Firefox startup or after changing the Zoom Mode (and only if the setting in about:config is incorrect).

    Does unchecking the 'Show zoom mode and privacy warnings' option avoid the problem?
  • Excellent app.
  • Would be better if it allowed the ability to adjust both full and text zoom on any given page.
    It would be possible to have separate full and text zoom levels applied at the same time, but this would complicate the user interface and potentially confuse users. Also, it would not be possible to display both zoom levels on the toolbar button.
  • Fonctionne rapidement, l'interface est claire, merci!
  • I view web page clearful by this
  • I've been using this add-on since Firefox Quantum came out. My problem with it is that I have zoom levels set to increase in 10% increments and the add-on refuses to to respect that setting and keeps defaulting to this behavior eg.: 120%, 133%, 150%, 170%, 200%. What I have the zoom levels set to is: 120%, 130%, 140%, 150%, 160%, 170%, etc.

    How can I get this add-on to go up or down in 10% increments?
    When you adjust the zoom level using the buttons and dropdown in the toolbar button popup, the user-defined zoom levels will always be applied.

    When you adjust the zoom level using the Ctrl+- and Ctrl++ keyboard shortcuts, the user-defined zoom levels will be applied if the page contents are focused, but the Firefox default zoom levels will be applied if the page contents are not focused. It is not possible to change this behaviour.

    It would be possible to have separate keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+< and Ctrl+Shift+>) that would always apply the user-defined zoom levels, but this might be confusing for users. Any thoughts?
  • Much better than what I was using, but every time I sign into Firefox I get the message
    “per site zoom mode only fully works if browser zoom site specific is set true....”
    Why am I getting it and what do I have to do to stop seeing this message??

    I sent an email to the address the developer provided but it bounced back to me as non-existent.
    This popup message appears if you are using the ‘Per-Site’ zoom mode and some of Firefox’s “about:config” preferences have been changed, specifically:

    ‒ if the ‘browser.zoom.siteSpecific’ preference has been set to ‘false’; or
    ‒ if the ‘privacy.resistFingerprinting’ preference has been set to ‘true’.

    In either case, Firefox’s site-specific zoom functionality is disabled.
  • This version 10.5 fix looks like a step backward: Fix: Full/Text Zoom Level and Minimum Font Size were applied to stand-alone image pages.
    I liked being able to right click and view an image on it's own separate tab, but now with this "fix" I can no longer zoom the stand-alone image in and out. I'm going back to version 10.4 as this "fix" took away what I mostly use this extension for.

    Edit: Thanks for the fix for this in 10.7!
    This is fixed in Version 10.7.