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  • Is broken
  • I was afraid to move from Firefox ESR for a year because the old "Zoom Page" was one of my favourite extensions. Via email support the developer personally helped my configure the behaviour of the new extension exactly as the old one (particularly with respect to image scaling), with a couple of prompt, attentive and well-written messages. I wish my some of my professional providers would give such quality and support as I've gotten from this free extension.
  • Agree with user ASM59.

    "Great extension! Unfortunately, the zoom factor on 'moz-extension:' pages is no longer stored since v13.1. Therefore 1 star reduction."
  • Used to work great. Been having issues with the new Google Mail loading wonky and refreshing constantly. Disabling this extension corrected the issue.
    Try disabling the 'Apply to dynamic content (better but slower)' option.
  • Great extension! Unfortunately, the zoom factor on 'moz-extension:' pages is no longer stored since v13.1. Therefore 1 star reduction.

    Edit: Fixed with version 13.2, +1!
  • I love this addon, but it needs one crucial feature for me: The ability to quickly switch the default zoom x for all websites, maybe even add to this x the custom zoom level on a specific website.

    My use case is that I want a different zoom level for each screen, i.e. when my laptop is undocked vs. when it's connected to an external monitor which has a lower dpi value.

    Edit: That's awesome, thank you!
    Zoom Page WE can already do this. Click on the toolbar button to open the popup. Set the required default zoom level using the drop-down menu. Ctrl+click on the zoom Reset button.
  • This works excellent! Used another tool before but development of that stopped one year ago.
  • Blessed,It works great.Thank you :)
  • Flawless.
  • While this addon works in most situations, I've encountered pages that somehow stick to a 'minimum' width, so that what this extension does is merely changing the font size. Microsoft Edge does not have this issue. When I dock my browser window to half of the screen, Edge displays the content without the horizontal scroll bar, while Firefox with this extension set to auto-fit, still does. This is an example page that shows this issue:

    Hope this is not limited by some Firefox intrinsic stuff and can be fixed.
    With 'Apply AutoFit ...' enabled, and other options set to defults, cannot reproduce this behaviour on referenced page. What value have you set for 'AutoFit Levels (%): Min:' ?
  • Thank you!
    Hopefully it will be at least as good as the one before FF 57 big regression.
    I love the possibility to change the zoom with right click between "full page zoom" and "text only zoom", and reset the zoom with middle click.
    Cheers !
  • This addon has problems with certain zoom settings. I visited Arstechnica.com and reduced the zoom level to 120% from the default level of 125%. The page automatically scrolls down to the bottom, and does not let me scroll up again. I did not check all zoom settings. Other websites did not seem to show the same problem.
    Cannot reproduce this problem with Arstechnica.com. Suspect that another add-on or Firefox settings are conflicting with Zoom Page WE. Do you have the 'Show zoom mode and privacy warnings' setting enabled in Zoom Page WE Options?