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  • This version 10.5 fix looks like a step backward: Fix: Full/Text Zoom Level and Minimum Font Size were applied to stand-alone image pages.
    I liked being able to right click and view an image on it's own separate tab, but now with this "fix" I can no longer zoom the stand-alone image in and out. I'm going back to version 10.4 as this "fix" took away what I mostly use this extension for.

    Edit: Thanks for the fix for this in 10.7!
    This is fixed in Version 10.7.
  • So far the addon is wonderful!
    But please add the possibility to scroll over the button to zoom in and out! (Not needing to click it and aim for the right area first ...)
    And please also add the possibility to left-click and scroll. (My right-click and scroll is already taken and can unfortunately not be changed.)
  • This plugin works pretty well but I'm a forum user and MOST of the time when I'm using the back key to go to the previous page the plugin reverts the zoom factor back to 100%. I do have this set up correctly so before you start suggesting what I'm doing wrong I think I have it set up correctly. I imagine this may be a bug that needs to be looked into. I use the DAZ3D forums, current version of Firefox on Windows 10 Pro. Thanks!
  • Great extension.
    The only problem it had with images for me has been fixed with 10.5 quickly after a report.
    Cannot reproduce this problem with big images.

    Please provide the following information and e-mail to: dw-dev@gmx.com

    - Which operating system are you using?
    - Which version of Zoom Page WE are you using?
    - Do you have any other image-related or zoom-related add-ons installed?
    - Please attach screenshots of the Zoom Page WE Options (both options tabs).
  • ok
  • buuuuuuuuugs
    Please describe the bugs you have found.
  • Can't send email to your address
    The support e-mail address is: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • global default full-zoom setting works like a champ, while preserving per-site overrides <3
  • The settings are a bit confusing. They were much more comprehensive in the pre-57 versions.
  • Love this extension. Awesome!
  • 很好!

    我以前用的是 Nosquid Plus ,但是在升级到 Firefox 57 以后那个插件没效果了,就搜到这个插件了,有效果,很不错。

    现在的按钮(Reset、Auto、Full 等等)都是文字,这个是很不符合 Firefox 的界面设计哲学的,看着不好看。所以呢,建议把这些按钮,都修改成漂亮的图标按钮。


    I used the Nosquid Plus before, but after upgrading to Firefox 57, the plugin didn't working. Then I found this plugin and it works. It's very good.

    The current buttons (Reset, Auto, Full, etc.) is text button. This is very inconsistent with Firefox's interface design philosophy. It does not look good. So, it is recommended to change these buttons to beautiful icon buttons.
  • LOVE IT, but having a problem: Do you have to listen to the mousewheel event or can simply store the zoom levels? While using "Enhancer for Youtube", both extensions listen for event and both activate when ctrl-mousewheel over a youtube video.
  • Better than Nosquint Plus, which sometimes don't work
  • not finding answer to a what should be a simple solution...changing the fonts to a more readable size.. the creators made the font too light and too small.
    my only concern is with the tool bar and bookmark fonts. NOT the WEB pages.
    The add-on name says it all. Zoom Page WE zooms the page, not the browser menu, toolbars, etc.
  • Best,but sometimes freezing,can u look at it bro..
  • Nice plugin.
    I have been having some issues for a while now.

    Its specific to youtube in Ubuntu. It does not zoom in/out the whole page for me but just the text.
    I tried running the firefox without any plugins (safe mode), the youtube zooms out fine.

    I am having similar issues with google in Windows.
  • I like the app only it doesn't work correctly on msn home page.
  • This complement is not compatible with microsoft e-mail service https://outlook.office.com/owa.
    When trying to create a new e-mail or to replay one, a blank window opens without any possibility to write, edit or send a new message. I was going around this problem for weeks and using other browsers to send e-mails. Finally I discover that disabling Zoom Page WE, the problem was solved completely. In was a wasting of time.
    The latest version of Zoom Page WE should now work with the latest beta version of the Microsoft e-mail service.
  • This add on has been very helpful. Like how easy it is to use.
  • Updating this review after a year. I've recently had to go back to version 13.5 as the latest version of ZP-WE causes a big lag when bringing up websites (I'm using Firefox V 66.0.3). New pages have a blank white page for up to 5 seconds with the v. 13.6. Going back to 13.5 has fixed the problem.
    This problem is fixed in Zoom Page WE 10.3.