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  • I'm glad this got ported to a WebExtension. Mozilla has made it hard for add-on developers.
  • When I load html pages which are on my computer (created by me) the extension does NOT remember settings for them.
  • does what it says
  • it does not allow me to retain different settings for different sites. it is terrible so that begs the question why has zoom been changed from the old efficient method. i switched back to firefox 55.0.3 so that i can use zoom page 15.8. this situation is terrible and should not be tolerated
  • Being visually disabled Zoom Page has been an essential aid for me for many years. I could not do without it. Unfortunately the new version seems harder to use, so I went back to FF 52.

    The plus/minus buttons showing next to the current magnification level are what I need.
  • I installed this plugin into my Mozilla (v57.0, 64 bit) and it does not work.
  • It works more or less as replacement for the old ZoomPage addon, but one thing is missing: It's no longer possible to show large images entirely on the screen. For example this picture
    would need a zoom level below 30% on my screen. There should be a button to automatically chose the correct zoom level so that the complete image is displayed.
  • Your add-on breaks the ability to show pictures such as JPG in the browser (direct link to a jpeg, in its own tab, not on a web page).

    Confirmed that the pics display correctly as soon as I disable Zoom Page WE, and break as soon as I re-enable it.

    When I look at the page information, Firefox reports that the picture is 0pt x 0pt big.

    Please fix (or remove "picture zoom" altogether, since this is not really why we install Zoom Page WE)
  • Very good in general.

    But missing the option to set page AND texzoom to seperate values oon the same page.
  • work on 32 bit version, _does not_ (or works wrongly) work on 64 bit, pay attention to it pls
  • horrible just horrible compared to the original zoom page
  • Version 5.2 to 7.1 all say they will work for FF 51.0 and later. When I tried 7.1 it did not work. I am using FF 56.0. The strange thing is that Mozilla addons thinks I am using FF 50.0 and gives me this warning:

    This add-on requires a newer version of Firefox (at least version 51.0). You are using Firefox 50.0.

    So I am using Version 5.1 and it works correctly.
  • иногда сбрасывает масштаб
  • Nice addon.
  • Great, but the inclusion of "Use CSS full zoom instead of browser full zoom" breaks the work of google maps, may need an exception list?
  • I used it for 1 second. Now I am back to the "old Zoom Page" and still using "old" Firefox 52.4 ..ESR.. (Manually updating :-) ) together with "latest" PaleMoon. I don't need a Trabant Browser... Mozilla..haha.. Remember, I don't come back after december.. :-(
  • NOO WTF DID YOU DO IN THE LATEST (7.0) UPDATE?! WHY DID YOU TOUCH PICTURES DISPLAYED DIRECTLY? Your extension will never be anything but terrible for zooming individual pictures, and that's okay, there are special extensions focusing on doing exactly that which everyone should use. But that's now broken since your latest update installed. Please remove what you did and stop interfering with pictures displayed outside of websites (with .jpg/.png/.gif etc endings) in their own tab. Just stick to zooming websites because Mozilla is incapable of implementing a global zoom option for 10+ years, thank you very very much for that! You are great at that, but please don't bloat the extension any further like you did with the previous Zoom Page non-webextension version. It already does what it needs to do and is lightweight, it doesn't need to do anything else.