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  • This add-on was fine until recently, but then a problem appeared when just an image is loaded in a tab. When the image natural size is taller then the tab vertical size, the image loads shrunk to fit, and on clicking on the image to full-size it, the image goes to full-size and centred, so some of the imaage is above and some below the viewable area. So far, so normal. But the problem is that the top of vertical scroll bar is only the top of the initially viewable area in the centred full-size image. The bottom of the scrollbar is the actual bottom of the image so I can scroll down to see the bottom of the full-sized image, but I can't scroll up to see the top of the image above the top of what was visible centred and full-sized. This is with me not explicitly using the extension by clicking on it, but actually clicking on Zoom Page WE and zooming that way produces the same effect, and disabling the extension removes the problem. This makes the extension unusable for me as it is, and I've had to switch to a different zoom page extension. I'll switch back and check if the problem is fixed or not when updates appear.
  • It works but noticeably slows down the browser. about:performance will often ZoomPage using the most energy, comparable to a tab playing a clunky news site java video. (This only happens when you change pages.) I'm on an i7-4700 cpu and 2GB GTX cpu from 2013. I used the add-on for several years, so thanks to the dev.
  • I installed Zoom Page WE when NoSquint stopped working long ago and was never updated. All good so far with one exception. It slows Firefox from loading the Facebook News feed, posts, pages, etc by several seconds (blank page page for 5 to 7 seconds then Facebook finally loads). Disable the extension and Facebook loads almost instantly.

    This happens whether the FB page is zoomed (via the extension) greater than 100% or not. It still happens when page zoom is 100%.

    Also, Firefox will post a warning banner at the top of the page that states that Zoom Page WE is slowing the loading of the page (Facebook only) with the option of temporarily disabling the extension for the particular page.

    NOTE: This does not happen when the extension is disabled and the normal Firefox zoom feature is used (which obviously doesn't have the features that your extension does).

    Other sites do not appear to be affected or at least it's not really noticeable.


    UPDATE: Response to developer:

    You're suggestions fixed the Facebook loading problems. I checked both Minimum Font Size and Dynamic Content. The former was set to 14px (I set it 14px in the beginning) and the latter was checked (don't recall doing so but...). I set Minimum Font size to blank (0px) and unchecked Dynamic Content. This pretty much solved the problem with Facebook. I use either Text Zoom or Full Page Zoom depending on the site in question. Currently I have Text only zoom set for Facebook but the affect is negligible by itself. Thank you very much for your response.

    Note: Apparently there's no way in these extension review comments sections to reply to a developer's response or any other person's comment for that matter. In fact, it seems I can only post one comment, my initial review, which is why I'm updating my original review.
    Are you using Text Zoom or Minimum Font Size? These features require quite a lot of processing, especially on some complex pages. You can avoid most of this processing by disabling the ‘Apply to dynamic content (better but slower)’ option.
  • Essential for me, thanks dev
    --often get message zoompage slowing FF down-why?
    --keyboard shortcuts don't work. Control_[Num] switches tab duh! Please change to Control_ALT_Z to reset (instead of Control_0 which does nothing)
    --Button on the icon drop-down to clear all per-site data would be helpful.
    --Rightclick icon, "manage extension" doesnt work.

    Also annoying no issues page. I guess you dont mind having bugs reported here...
    Are you using Text Zoom or Minimum Font Size? These features require quite a lot of processing, especially on some complex pages. You can avoid most of this processing by disabling the "Apply to dynamic content (better but slower)" option.

    The Alt+Z shortcut should always work. The other shortcuts (Ctrl+Plus, Ctrl+Minus, Ctrl+0, Ctrl+9, Ctrl+8, Ctrl+7) only work if the page contents are focused, otherwise the first three (Ctrl+Plus, Ctrl+Minus, Ctrl+0) invoke Firefox's standard zoom shortcut actions.

    There is a button in Zoom Page WE Options to clear all per-site data. The reasoning is that this button will not be used very often and having it in the options avoids clutter in the zoom popup.

    Right-click toolbar button > Manage Extension does work. It shows a description of Zoom Page WE and an Options button at the bottom of the page.

    There is no online issues page. All problem reports should be emailed to: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • I removed this (what used to be an) extremely useful addon and replaced it with another. This because something happened very recently that made this addon incompatible with Firefox -- introducing a new bug into the system.

    Browser Image viewing is now broken for the last few days. This addon creates a conflict with Firefox's image scaling feature when looking at pictures (when the image's URL is directly loaded and displayed). Now when you do that and then simply click on the image in order to zoom on it -- that function no longer works (as long as this addon Zoom Page WE is enabled). The image is not properly enlarged and clicking on the enlarged image can no longer result in moving the image to scroll up (in order to see the upper areas of the image). That is no longer possible. Only the middle and lower parts of the enlarged image come into view. The scrolling is fully defect and parts of the image are permanently hidden/scrolled up and out of the field of view of my Windows laptop.
    Thanks for replying. Another user who reported this problem has confirmed that it is fixed in version 13.6.

    Please can you provide the following information:
    • Which version of Firefox are you using?
    • Do you have any other zoom-related add-ons installed?
    • Please provide a link to a URL where this problem happens.

    Please email answers to: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • Firefox is now broken after update(pages not loading) but after removing this extension it works again? It's a shame because I really like and need this extension because of failing eyesight. Please look into this asap.
    I reverted back to an older version and while the pages now load the extension still isn't working.
    Is this problem still happening with version 13.6 ?
  • Something about this 13.5 update has changed things. A few image links I use every day is in Full Zoom mode before I even click it and so far a couple other sites were zoomed in w/o me doing anything so i have to reset the settings. I hope I don't have to do this for every site now. I was going to go back to the older version where it worked but now Firefox doesn't give us the download button for older versions which is real bad. Sometimes being able to go back to the 'working' version is the only fix until the new version issues are resolved.

    p.s. I never messed with the pref's before.. I only adjusted the button settings. I understand most of what the Pref's are for but not all. I'll give it a shot.

    p.p.s. Not having messed with the pref's before, this so far seemed to work -> I UNchecked the 'Enable fit-to-window' option in the Image Scaling section being you mentioned that in your update notes which was checked by default. At first nothing changed until I finally scrolled to the 'bottom' of the Pref's page & found the Save button [my fault]. I'm assuming that option is checked by default because I never messed with Prefs - Maybe this might help others.. I don't know. If you change anything, I'll remember I changed that option in case it needs to be rechecked again.
    Version 13.5 fixed a bug in the image scaling functionality and renamed the image scaling options to clarify their meaning.

    The default settings for the image scaling options are:
    (1) Enable fit-to-window scaling for all images - enabled
    (2) Apply fit-to-window scaling when image loaded - disabled

    If you change these settings, the changes will be remembered when you install new versions of Zoom Page WE.

    Firefox's built-in image scaling allows large images to be shrunk to fit the window size. Zoom Page WE extends image scaling so that small images can be expanded to fit the window size, either by the user clicking on the image or automatically when the image is loaded.

    Option (1) enables this extended image scaling functionality. Option (2) automatically expands a small images to fit the window size when the image is loaded. So you probably want Option (1) enabled and Option (2) disabled.

    You can download old versions of Zoom Page WE from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zoom-page-we/versions/
  • Hi there, are you aware your addon is not compatible with the addon "Multi-touch Zoom by haxiomic" ? Would be great if they could work together... because otherwise i can't use "pinch to zoom" on my Macbook :-)

    Thank you!
    Thanks for this information. Not sure why the two add-ons are incompatible. Needs further investigation.
  • doesn't work with gmail or google docs online
    Which features do not work?
  • 二级按键操作减一分
  • If your are having problems with viewing webpages then then this is the add-on for you, these options in this add-on should be as standard in Firefox.
  • I don't get what makes this addon so popular/special.
    I can't even exceed the 300% zoom with this one.
    If you want to zoom > 300%, then you must change the 'zoom.maxPercent' setting in Firefox's 'about:config' pereferences.
  • exactly what I was looking for, I did have to go into the settings to change the default ZOOM for all pages. But is working great.
  • Excellent extension. Exactly what I was looking for. Needed easy way to setup window for Gmail, and this made it simple and fast.

    Only suggestion might be to have it AUTO-SIZE certain pages. Like when I go back to Gmail, why couldn't it just set it to 133% without me clicking it. To me, the current idea / implementation of his / their Auto-Size just doesn't make sense. But, what I'd do is have the webpage stored and the scaling, then auto-set it when som,eone returns back to *.gmail.com.

    That is reason why deducted a star, but I feel guilty for that. Because Developer is topnotch and understands what people need. Might come back and give back the 5th star. Just seems like "something" is missing right now to make it Excellent versus Above-Average.
    If you enable the 'Apply AutoFit when page loaded or browser resized' setting, then by default AutoFit zoom will be applied to every page. However, if you then change the zoom level for a specific page using the toolbar button popup, that zoom level will always be applied instead of AutoFit zoom whenever visiting that page or pages from the same site. If you later click the 'Reset' zoom button while on that specific page, then AutoFit zoom will be applied by default.
  • Some websites don't load at all (if they ever load), with this addon enabled, specifically wrestlinginc.com. It was probably also causing issues with Youtube, in the past it would load extremely slowly (over 1 minute plus hang my 32GB memory pc), although lately it would only hang for 15 or so seconds. I didn't think it could be caused by this addon, till now. I just tried youtube with it disabled, and it loads very quickly with no hanging.

    I think something with the way the addon is injecting css/js into the page for controlling zoom on the website not working correctly with whatever the css/js the website is using.

    My Frefox memory with only the above website homepage loaded with the addon disabled is under 600MB. With the addon enabled, I had to kill the process after it using eating over 2GB of memory, and still hadn't loaded the homepage. Its the same problem with other pages on the website.
    Is this problem still happening? Have you tried disabling the 'Apply to dynamic content (better but slower)' option?
  • Great addon, but (as of v13) desperately needs better per-site handling.

    There's some obscure "per site" data, but it cannot be viewed but only be cleared all at once.

    With auto-zoom enabled, the extensions interferes with site loading sometimes and consumes a lot of resources. That's why it needs a basic blacklist/whitelist/edit/import/export functionality should be added like most other addons already feature.
    Try disabling the 'Apply to dynamic content (better but slower)' option.
  • Is broken