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  • Thanks for this, but: how can I set different zoom levels for


  • thanks much,you let me know how to Zoom web pages per-tab(set browser.zoom.siteSpecific to 'false'),thanks again
  • there is no way to set a minimum. We have to adjust every pages manually. Useless
  • Fantastic app for my aging eyes. Developer updates it frequently and is responsive.

    Read through other reviews and checked about:performance and this extension is efficient and doesn't slow down firefox for me.

    Last couple of updates caused some glitches which in turn caused me to try to troubleshoot the problem. Developer fixed the issues proactively. A+++.

    Would love a preset for best zoom levels for readability and explanation how default, lower and upper limits work. I've gone in and messed with the settings but not sure what I am doing is right or makes a difference.

    Thank you developer for a much needed and useful tool.
  • nice app
  • Endless 'features', except the one that would be the most useful---making the tool bar button a simple " + - " (plus/minus) so that one would not have to constantly first click the button, and then select plus or minus.

    A seemingly small, unnecessary extra step that becomes a big pain after a short time.
  • Very useful. I use it to open all new sites at 90% zoom.

    But version 14.0 was flickering 90/100% zoom when opening a page.

    This was fixed by setting `browser.zoom.siteSpecific` to `false`.

    But would it be possible for the addon to pop up a warning about that? So users don't have to go hunting for the solution...
    The flickering zoom is the result of a bug introduced in Version 14.0.

    This problem can be avoided by setting "browser.zoom.siteSpecific" to "false" in Firefox's about:config preferences.

    Version 14.1 fixes this bug and has been submitted for review and release (probably will take a few days).

    With Version 14.1, setting "browser.zoom.siteSpecific" to "false" is still recommended, but is only necessary for the following features:

    - per-tab zoom mode
    - per-tab zoom when viewing images
    - per-subsite zoom
  • 网页大小缩放,很已保存默认缩放尺寸,很方便.
  • Good, but there is significant energetic impact of this extension during web page load at "about:performance" firefox tab. (Firefox beta) Can developer optimise a bit?
  • An excellent addon, but there are many pages it simply won't work on, such as deviantart.com and forum2go.nl. When I open the addon flydown from the button, the fields are all blank, and even when I click a field to set a different zoom level or font size, the change isn't implemented.
  • I didn't know what I was missing until I tried this extension. Any zoom extension without reflowing the page is worthless to me. I'm sure that there is a reason other extension can't do this well. It is probably difficult.
  • Works great on Firefox 66.0.2. Fixed problem I was having with display of drudgereport.com. Its one of those extensions that once you get it you realize what you were missing. Well done with all the right options for me.
  • Excellent must have addon. But it has an issue. The addon is conflicting with following Firefox setting : 'browser.tabs.remote.autostart' . This setting is to configure single or multi threading. If value FALSE, In Firefox 66.0.5 the addon is not active. In earlier Firefox releases, with FALSE value, no pages were loading after Firefox startup when Zoom Page WE was enabled.
  • -update- Firefox had not updated yet from their recent add-on issue, since the update everything is back to normal and working great!
    -2nd update- It's started to do the same things again.

    Love this add-on, but as of today its no longer working. All seems fine on the add-on page, but none of the pages are being effected by it and I cant bring up the shortcut prompt nor see its settings when I right click. When I click disable, then enable the add-on it temporarily works until I close the browser, then it goes back to not working unless I disable/enable again.