299 Bewertungen
  • It needs Internet connection. Great tool indeed
  • Excellent only one thing I'd suggest is settings/Toolbar OR Menu (right click)
  • Nice and very useful to save technical webpages removing the ads, frames, and junk.
  • The Add-on works. Makes the page clutter-free with an option to delete unwanted elements before printing to PDF. Great!!
  • Nicely prints a page without all the garbage ... when it works. There are many pages it doesn't find anything to print.
  • มันดีมาก ใช้เลย ไม่ผิดหวัง
  • I use PrintFriendly daily, mainly for printing articles from online newspapers I subscribe to and want to read on paper rather than on-screen. It allows me to edit out whatever I want to (especially graphics and superfluous text) before printing. The editing saves me a lot of paper and toner. I also use it to PDF articles that I want to save or send to a friend. PrintFriendly is one of the most useful Firefox add-ons I have. Congratulations and thanks to the developers.
  • Funktioniert ausgezeichnet, habe vorher viele Add-Ons ausprobiert - keines funktionierte richtig... Dieses hier macht, was es soll 5 Sterne gebe ich gerne!