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  • Not sure why I did not know of this extension before...
  • very good!!
  • Se puede eliminar fácilmente elementos de la página con un simple click.
  • I think I'll pass...I tried this on a couple of web screens and the quality is just "plain Jane". Mostly text, hardly any color and/or shapes. Was hoping for better.
  • Great addon, great to just kick out unwanted elements, still one thing is missing: One should get the chance to adjust the background color. I do print science website content frequently and there are always authors who publish their diagrams as .gif or .png with transparancy and white lines on dark background.
    My workaround for the moment is to generate the print page, rightclick on the background and adjust the CSS backgroundcolor-tag to something appropriate like #444 with the developer tools, then print the document NOT with the addon but with the standard browser print function.

    Hope one of the developers reads this, thanks!
  • Utilissimo per salvare pagine web senza immagini inutili, mantenendo il testo desiderato e l'essenziale. Rapido ed efficace.
    Grazie agli sviluppatori
  • Doesn't work with Firefox 58. Will only show first few lines of an article.
  • Very good- so far the best I can find for firefox

    Still some portion missing when captured entire page- https://www.canva.com/learn/effective-design-brief/
    if it can capture the type and reserve the layout- it will be even better
  • Ausdrucke nach Wunsch, ohne lästige Randmeldungen usw. Konzentration auf das Wesentliche. Super!
  • best I've found for this task

    would be nice if it was more careful about including source / author / date etc - I often have to edit the pdf after to include this info
  • Consente di rimuovere comodamente gli elementi che non vogliamo stampare, ma vorrei poter capire in anticipo quante pagine saranno stampate
  • Very easy
  • Definitely the print to pdf for Firefox out there.

    Only complaint: I've noticed when printing article from news and websites like medium, it often entirely remove the author information section, without possibility of editing.
  • Um atalho para um site da web. Eu procuro uma extensão que funcione com o Firefox.
    This is due to Firefox limitations. Please install from our website for full plugin experience - https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions
  • Can never download pages that involves login
    Hope to have it live soon. Meantime you can use the bookmarklet available at https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions/other

    Please update review.
  • Almost perfect.
    Suggest that the page it creates is a new tab, which seems pretty standard for most applications, rather than using the existing tab.