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  • Keeps telling me to install the extension from a 3rd party website when I try to use it...
    That's strange error. Can you email support@print...com
  • Very easy
  • Definitely the print to pdf for Firefox out there.

    Only complaint: I've noticed when printing article from news and websites like medium, it often entirely remove the author information section, without possibility of editing.
  • Um atalho para um site da web. Eu procuro uma extensão que funcione com o Firefox.
    This is due to Firefox limitations. Please install from our website for full plugin experience - https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions
  • Can never download pages that involves login
    Hope to have it live soon. Meantime you can use the bookmarklet available at https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions/other

    Please update review.
  • Almost perfect.
    Suggest that the page it creates is a new tab, which seems pretty standard for most applications, rather than using the existing tab.
  • Brilliant little app, should come as standard on all computers.
  • It's OK. But can't do print preview of a selection (selected text/images).
    It lost a star due to how bulky the edit functionality was, too.

    1) Enable Print/Print Preview of selected text.
    2) Allow bulk edits instead of one edit at a time via CSS/Java Script.
    Edit: Example: Select the entire navigation area and or title area at once. Currently you have to hover over too narrow a scope.

    Edit: There is an undo button. I just missed it.
    1. Ok. We will keep this in mind for future.
    2. How exactly do you envision this to work?
    3. Undo is available in the toolbar (far right)
  • Almost perfect.
  • Если на странице есть вставки BMP, аддон их выкидывает сходу. Знаю, что такое бывает редко, но страницы не я создавал, но сохранить не могу(( А жаль, адон оч клёвый и продуман хорошо(((
    Can you share a URL which shows this problem?
  • I am very pleased with the outcome result. Fantastic add-on. So far beautifully manages automatic creation of bookmarks as well. All recommendations
  • Классное дополнение, переводит страницу в режим редактирования, где можно убрать лишние блоки и потом все оставшееся сохранить в pdf или отправить по почте. Перенос данных на листы очень качественный.
  • Отлично сохраняет формат страницы
  • very slow
  • Love this add-on. I have tried half a dozen add-ons that convert a web page into pdf format and this one is the best. This add-on does not work at all sites, but at those sites where it does work, it produces the best looking pdf. To save an electronic copy, instead of using "Microsoft Print to PDF" function which does NOT work well, I simply download a pdf copy. Awesome.
  • Just one click icon on the toolbar, capture the page excluding ads advertising etc... And it is as it is described, the pdf you can download, print or send by e-mail, and very fast in the process, is fantastic.
    Unfortunately the maximum rating is 5, but I vote 10 with honors.
  • Works quickly, and without any fuss.
  • Works as i excepted somesites. But it did fail on Github. Woah
  • just awesome.
  • This extension is awesome. Love that it is shows preview of article before creating PDF and lets you delete sections, adjust font size and picture size. I always adjust font size to make it easier to read on mobile. Very helpful extension.
  • 生成的PDF清爽无广告,太好用了,.
  • Fuck this SAAS