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  • I use PrintFriendly daily, mainly for printing articles from online newspapers I subscribe to and want to read on paper rather than on-screen. It allows me to edit out whatever I want to (especially graphics and superfluous text) before printing. The editing saves me a lot of paper and toner. I also use it to PDF articles that I want to save or send to a friend. PrintFriendly is one of the most useful Firefox add-ons I have. Congratulations and thanks to the developers.
  • Funktioniert ausgezeichnet, habe vorher viele Add-Ons ausprobiert - keines funktionierte richtig... Dieses hier macht, was es soll 5 Sterne gebe ich gerne!
  • Excellent Addon! But I would like to a see a feature which allow us to Print even the Comments below the webpage. Because It removes the comments from the users.
  • Installation super simple en un clic, utilisation immédiate sans redémarrage et ça marche !!!!!
    La Solution que je cherchais pour mémoriser mes lectures en ligne sur mon disque !
  • Impeccable, produit des documents soignés et cerise sur le gâteau, beaucoup moins lourds...
  • By far the best tool that I have found so far to save webpages to PDF! Easy handling and allows to remove almost any element you don't want to print. Only 3 stars, however, because images are sometimes not included in the printable file (although they show up in the browser preview). In my experience this issue occurs predominantly on webpages of private companies, which probably restrict the access to their image files. Also, it would be nice to have some more editing options e.g. being able to manually set where the page breaks or inserting additional spaces between paragraphs/elements. Nevertheless, great tool!
  • Very useful as it preserves the Links in the page
    However when I use it to print an email in the Web version of Outlook, it strips out all the top of the Email information:
    - Name & address of sender
    - Date of the Email
    - etc..etc...
  • Seria perfecta si pudiera mantener la distribución de las imágenes en relación al texto, también sería de agradecer una opción donde deshabilite el salto de pagina, porque siempre termina separando una imagen al medio.
  • Simple to use, no-fuss conversion, very quick results. The best "page to pdf" add-on I have found so far, no more divided pages too!
  • It was EXCELLENT now it keeps showing some ads even when I have AD BLOCKER. What's wrong?