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  • It was EXCELLENT now it keeps showing some ads even when I have AD BLOCKER. What's wrong?
  • Mucho mejor de lo que esperaba
  • Rapide et efficace dans la majeure partie des situations.
  • 非常好
  • Amazing. Strips it down. Saves to PDF. The clipper that removes any crap it didnt automatically remove is slick and fast, too.
  • Awesome!! Love it.
  • Best thing is it retains URL links in text.
  • 很意外有这么好的插件,把我想要的内容全部保存成pdf文档了。
  • Works a treat. I collect recipes off the web and if I try to print to PDF from Firefox on Windows 10 the printer prints a blank page and the crashes. Print fFriendly saves me that issue by generating the PDF online and allowing me to simply down lad and save.
  • Simple, très efficace et rapide
  • I've tried several of print add-ons but this one does what I expected.
  • Just perfect; Thx :).
  • wow!, it's so great
  • Extensão perfeita para impressão direta pela impressora. Consigo selecionar todos os ítens que não quero que sejam impressos e isto sem dúvida é uma mão na roda! Congratulations to developers!
  • Thank you! This tool is very useful and I use it a lot.
    I only ran into two recurring problems:

    1. The preview includes, at the end of the article, junk links to other pages or sites. The editing tool sometimes requires up to 100 clicks to clean them up. I suspect it is because of the way these sites were written but it would be so cool if it could detect and eliminate these junk links by default; (E.g. http://www.bursa.ro/sua-si-ue-proiect-zero-taxe-pentru-bunurile-industriale-non-auto-350658&s=international&articol=350658.html)
    2. The tool cannot automatically detect the name of some pages, only the domain (so, when saved, the file names will look something like "domain.com-.pdf", "domain.com-(1).pdf", etc.) (E.g. all articles from http://www.caleaeuropeana.ro/)

    Thank you for this awesome tool and for the ongoing support!
  • Only just installed but So far this is the mythical solution to getting content out of the WWW without it looking disgusting. Wow, really great
  • It's fast, user-friendly, has neat and organised output.... it's the best tool [compared to others] for printing a web page into a .pdf doc efficiently.
  • tried A LOT of pdf-converters... this is BY FAR the best.
  • I like this add-on because:
    - It doesn't create a mess PDF.
    - It generates bookmarks.