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  • After UnMHT was discontinued, i've been looking for a plugin to save articles just as easily (less than 30 seconds per page I save and no editing of the saved page) and make it just as easy to index and read. I have found it. This is a life saver for me.
  • This app has made my life so much easier in regards to researching!
    You have made a GREAT CONTRIBUTION to mankind!
    Thank you so much, for what you have done!
  • if it's a pw protected website & I'm logged in to the site, it refuses to work anyway
    Please download the FF extension available directly from our website, it works on Password Protected pages. The firefox store doesn't allow us to have the extension work on PW pages.


    Please update your review.
  • It deleted some regular images as well and did not stick to ads, navigation areas and margins.
    I think, you should improve it by either adding a button at the top that allows showing all deleted items. If an item is deleted wrongly, there should be an undelete button to allow restoring it.

    Another issue is the fact that you allow deleting the whole external DIV obviously. There are often some items within that are ads that cannot be deleted without deleting the whole DIV, which is a petty.

    I think that you should learn from Lizard, which allows getting into internal DIVs and deleting them individually.
    There is an undo button in the toolbar which restores anything deleted. The parent div can't be deleted but some websites use Tables as the parent which gives that effect.

    Please update your review. :)
  • I (probably unfairly) rated this at 1/5 stars... I am upset that their extension information page did not SAY ANYTHING about it using their website to accomplish this task. It may work well, I don't know. BUT privacy is a prime concern for me, and they didn't even consider I would take that into account in making my choice to use their extension.

    EDIT: They've responded to the above review (see below). Unless I'm reading their response incorrectly, they seem not to have even understood that my problem was with their withholding of the information that they were sending my webpage to their own site for processing, rather than with the function of the extension itself. It seems like a cognitive disconnect on their part. Or they just didn't actually read it. Still 1/5 stars.
    This is a limitation placed by the FireFox store. If you use the chrome extension, OR the FireFox extension directly from our site, it will work in the browser. https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions

    Please give a try and update your review.
  • Images are blurred. Would you fix this? I'm using Firefox 68.0.1 (64-bit). Example: https://medium.com/pgs-software/aws-microservices-in-php-a-multi-tenant-framework-f1339ce0c1d7
    Do you have an example URL where the images are blurred?
  • Absolute garbage! When you click the print button it redirects you to a new site and closes out your page. Anything you have on it will be lost and the information wont transfer. Don't waste you time and your work. As other reviewers have said this extension does not work for any secure pages. I got rid of this crap and installed Print to PDF instead. Works much better.
    This is a limitation of the FireFox store extension. They won't allow Client-Side. To get a better experience, download the extension directly from our website. https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions/firefox
  • Very useful. I just wonder how to have A4 format by default
  • Absolutely fantastic! It cleans up the web pages beautifully, and lets you save them to PDF for future reference. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Only gripe is... why do you use my preferred page content language for the UI, when my Firefox is in a different language? My UI is English, my page content is Norwegian. Don't mess with it :-)
  • A round-about way to save the page as PDF, but works for my purpose. Useful for pages where printing as PDF with a pdf printer does not capture whole page . Would be 5-star if it did not have to send the page to 3rd party website.
  • I love this extention. Creates great looking PDF's and allows me to remove any unnecessary cruft.
  • ¡Genial! Buscaba algo para imprimir páginas webs en PDF (siempre usaba CutePDF writer pero el algunas webs me salía mal el documento y no lo podía editar bien ni importar para editarlo) y esta extensión lo hace quitando la publicidad del documento.
  • Very useful!!
  • I often use websites with graphs and equations - these are generally but not always well rendered by this add-on and the ability to make images smaller on the printout is excellent. In that sense this is the "best of kind". My only gripe is that if I use the email facility to send my processed document, the resized images turn up full size! That's surely a bug (unless I have made a mistake). So only 4 stars until this is fixed.
  • EDIT (after developers comments):
    Thanks to the developers for their quick action. Indeed, you should download the extension from their website to have the same experience as in Chrome. The version on FF store sucks due to FF store limitations.
    Not only you can print and/or save a page as PDF, but also you can clean the page from unwanted sections like ads or side bars. Great extension! Thank you.
    The firefox store doesn't allow the extension to work without our website. To get the same experience as Chrome, install the FF extension directly from our website. https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions/firefox

    Please update your review because this is not something we can control.
  • This is a great tool; it makes it so easy to print items from the internet.
  • very useful. i just wish they keep the text formatting of the original document. it is much better looking and legible when it is seen in color and original style.
  • I use PF&PDF on both Chrome and Firefox and I love it! Makes nice, neat looking PDFs and it seems to agree with me on what should and shouldn't be included on the document way more often than not. I highly recommend this one!
  • Ottima
  • This add-on sends your page URI to a third-party server, which in turn retrieves it in hopes of getting the same output as you do in your browser. Obviously, any page that requires any sort of authentication will be broken. That is not to mention that you probably won't want your pages sent anywhere for a job which can perfectly be done locally. Probably works for some static public websites if you disregard privacy, useless for anything else. Use a local adblocker to block ads and remove clutter.