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  • Thank you! This tool is very useful and I use it a lot.
    I only ran into two recurring problems:

    1. The preview includes, at the end of the article, junk links to other pages or sites. The editing tool sometimes requires up to 100 clicks to clean them up. I suspect it is because of the way these sites were written but it would be so cool if it could detect and eliminate these junk links by default; (E.g. http://www.bursa.ro/sua-si-ue-proiect-zero-taxe-pentru-bunurile-industriale-non-auto-350658&s=international&articol=350658.html)
    2. The tool cannot automatically detect the name of some pages, only the domain (so, when saved, the file names will look something like "domain.com-.pdf", "domain.com-(1).pdf", etc.) (E.g. all articles from http://www.caleaeuropeana.ro/)

    Thank you for this awesome tool and for the ongoing support!
  • Only just installed but So far this is the mythical solution to getting content out of the WWW without it looking disgusting. Wow, really great
  • It's fast, user-friendly, has neat and organised output.... it's the best tool [compared to others] for printing a web page into a .pdf doc efficiently.
  • tried A LOT of pdf-converters... this is BY FAR the best.
  • I like this add-on because:
    - It doesn't create a mess PDF.
    - It generates bookmarks.
  • I was surprised at how quickly this installed and ran, and the results were close to what I wanted (i.e., no images, ads, etc; mostly text). I could hover my mouse over the printable areas, and the add-on automatically highlighted the block that could be deleted, with a clickable "trash can" icon to remove it. However, when I clicked the text size icon, and selected a smaller size, it only resized about 25% of the text. Multiple attempts to select the others and resize them failed. When I printed what seemed to be a single page, it printed two pages; my printer defaults to duplex printing, but, it didn't do that, which implies that the add-on prints one page at a time, which wastes paper, if you don't want one-sided sheets, which seems counterintuitive to its, otherwise, "green" functionality. When I finished printing the two pages, I hit the 'X' in the upper-right of the add-on page (i.e., NOT the browser or tab), and it closed the tab, rather than return me to the original page, which, fortunately, was still in cache (i.e., I didn't have to re-enter all the form information and re-submit it to get what I needed). When I re-opened that page, the printer indicated that two more pages needed to be printed! Keep in mind that I was not on the add-on page result, so this was very odd (maybe it needs to "flush" itself?). I did not print the "rest," so I have no idea what it thought it was going to print! Some tweaking is definitely needed, but, I was satisfied with the overall result.
  • Great plugin, really easy to clean the page up before printing or saving, use it on both firefox and chrome, has saved me plenty of time and frustration.
  • html 转 pdf
  • I love it.
  • While not from Adobe, I have found this extension to be very useful! It is sometimes very helpful to remove several elements (the clutter) from a webpage, and this extension does it flawlessly. Also, it seems to have a very good idea as to what should be kept in the first place... for example --> the comment section at the bottom of a page. That alone can run to dozens of useless, extra pages. Adobe's version doesn't do that! Finally, Print Friendly is very fast. Highly recommended.
  • Hi! Your app is very usefull! Thnx!

    How about fixing the comments in the social media!? "LiveJournal" for example. Please check this page:
  • Ottima estensione per convertire in pdf pagine web e poterle riguardare in un secondo momento; buona impaginazione.
  • Just the add-ons that I was looking for!
  • I really enjoy this add-on, both in firefox and chrome. However, I want to make a suggestion for firefox version.

    I cannot see number of total printed pages and the current page number in firefox version while I can with Chrome version. If you allow firefox version to show the page numbers as well, that would be great.
  • It still makes the same unformatted version of a website that the print dialog does

    example - https://snoopsnoo.com/u/prove_your_point
    Can you share the URL where the extension doesn't work?

    Thanks we're working on it.
  • use it since qiote some time and love - is works great
  • Added it to my browser, clicked the new button, got my PDF. No headache, done !
  • Super extension, ça me sauve la vie!
  • Excellent, Can't be better thank you