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  • html 转 pdf
  • I love it.
  • While not from Adobe, I have found this extension to be very useful! It is sometimes very helpful to remove several elements (the clutter) from a webpage, and this extension does it flawlessly. Also, it seems to have a very good idea as to what should be kept in the first place... for example --> the comment section at the bottom of a page. That alone can run to dozens of useless, extra pages. Adobe's version doesn't do that! Finally, Print Friendly is very fast. Highly recommended.
  • Hi! Your app is very usefull! Thnx!

    How about fixing the comments in the social media!? "LiveJournal" for example. Please check this page:
  • Ottima estensione per convertire in pdf pagine web e poterle riguardare in un secondo momento; buona impaginazione.
  • Just the add-ons that I was looking for!
  • I really enjoy this add-on, both in firefox and chrome. However, I want to make a suggestion for firefox version.

    I cannot see number of total printed pages and the current page number in firefox version while I can with Chrome version. If you allow firefox version to show the page numbers as well, that would be great.
  • It still makes the same unformatted version of a website that the print dialog does

    example - https://snoopsnoo.com/u/prove_your_point
    Can you share the URL where the extension doesn't work?

    Thanks we're working on it.
  • use it since qiote some time and love - is works great
  • Added it to my browser, clicked the new button, got my PDF. No headache, done !
  • Super extension, ça me sauve la vie!
  • Excellent, Can't be better thank you
  • Not sure why I did not know of this extension before...
  • very good!!
  • Se puede eliminar fácilmente elementos de la página con un simple click.
  • I think I'll pass...I tried this on a couple of web screens and the quality is just "plain Jane". Mostly text, hardly any color and/or shapes. Was hoping for better.
  • Great addon, great to just kick out unwanted elements, still one thing is missing: One should get the chance to adjust the background color. I do print science website content frequently and there are always authors who publish their diagrams as .gif or .png with transparancy and white lines on dark background.
    My workaround for the moment is to generate the print page, rightclick on the background and adjust the CSS backgroundcolor-tag to something appropriate like #444 with the developer tools, then print the document NOT with the addon but with the standard browser print function.

    Hope one of the developers reads this, thanks!